Ancient History

Ancient History

Man's contemporary heritage lies in the fog and strange, avoiding sweeping the shivers. Requirements for the precious worship of light-hearted flair to follow the old legacy of reverence for the ancestor without choice. Painstakingly in haze hides the power's hands to fill the soul of laziness and golden dung. Sharp minds from the blade's hearth spend lethal sharpness nobly wrought. With double edges, cleave blade curtains of deceptive sweetness, where Golden Dawn attracts the son of helots to the Elysian fields.

To those who sit still in jealous contemplation and experience the beauty of Entoto Kidane Mehret's courtyard is given a reflection on how passion can be directed to protect their fellow human beings and nature.

The Past of Western Civilization

Basic Introduction

In consideration of the human past, present themselves quickly a need to seek the evocation of times in the positive development with a golden lustre of greatness and this even though more and more often at the more in-depth study reveals bizarre and unpleasant images of contradictions that seem very counterproductive and highly destructive.

Megaliths of Experience and Knowledge

The foremost philosophers, writers and scientists describe with elegant strength and clarity that the principle of human civilization absolutely requires that the near-equal power continually opposes man's most profound aspiration for a high quality of life. Furthermore, this struggle is the essence and driving force of human nature with its chaotic and often vulnerable development path.

The Creative Vulnerable Man

This crushing and grinding in previous human history appears to correspond to the particularly expressive in the very nature of the creative person where the thoughts seem to require a similar but inner struggle to provide the necessary work with sufficient weight and more rooted civilization's cultural resonance.

Overwhelming Grief

However, deep regret and moans accompany the different needs for struggle and conflict in this tragic and dangerous road. This had given mothers of countless generations to be left alone, grieving over sons who were lost in their best years and fathers whose lives were lost when small children had the greatest need of help and support.

Recurrent Fatal Destiny

With immense tragedy strikes this with historical reliability against all categories and a wide variation in the depth of the life stories, affecting all levels with devastating strength regardless of social affiliation.

Protective and Demanding

Variations in the strength of these fates seem to depend on the ability to deep insight into the value of alliances with parties seeking similar goals and who possess sufficient power to incorporate these intentions into a reality.

Fraudulent Personalities

However, a caution exists regarding the reliability of these alliances because incentives are often seemingly genuine while the real intention of the parties is often imparting an illusion to hide personal purposes. This imposed illusion may, in fact, consist of a deep-seated need of destructiveness well protected in a ruined character or merely a psychopath.

Tempting Gold

Disregarding these whimsical fraudulent parties can be fatal but still very common. The most gruesome crime has been executed in the innermost of the utterly most unusual alliances of powers, which is recurring through man's recorded history.

A Stroke of Luck, Among Others?

The exception to this seems to be the democratic institutions that developed in the West during the past century, which appears to be sufficiently diverse and transparent to prevent a transition to the hidden agenda of despotism. However, the exception and with strong reservations regarding the reliability of the safety of individuals within the absolute top sphere of leaders, which made them vulnerable to attack by fanatics and criminal organizations through an innocent exposure of the media. This is obvious and self-evident, but it is also apparent that the hitherto lasting stability of democratic institutions in the Western world is a solid foundation for technological and economic development. 

Cultures Recurring Struggle

Western civilization receives its current stability through earlier cultures' critical tempered evolution in very harsh conditions. These hardships can impart clues to a culture pattern in the dramatic rise and further manage accumulated knowledge. Ultimately, a decline in dangerous and primitive power struggles, corruption and very time-consuming debauchery through various games in emotional stimuli, aphrodisiac, delirium in an ever-increasing need to be seen in this critical success with a lying, wallowing and giggled pose.

Dancing Polished Libertine

The talented people sense with finesse this struggle within a declining culture and become its obedient servant with an intuitive, unique ability, related to a musician's dazzling charming empathy and skill. This inherent popularity allows this behaviour and social heritage to transition to a single genetic inheritance and the emergence of a degenerate ethical ideal in modern mankind. This legacy, however, is multi-faceted because the phenomenon is apparent and gives the result that many are leaving the sinking civilization in disgust and fear. However, this escape is most often the seed or the hope of creating a new future for the next generation's children.

Genetic Inheritance Rushing Amuck

The separation between these two cultural expressions is often complicated because the lure of success from the celebrated libertines in the beer halls of social gatherings with its drumming tune is dominant in their security. At the same time, together, they nourished in joy and vitality that dominated over the displaced and in the last joy crazies of assets left by fleeing.

Brutal Simple Boys

The bawling of success breaks through the beer hall, and the glasses lifted hailed a glorious future where it can already be discerned a powerful grouping with strange contradiction adorn their lives with the most superior technology from previous generations' cultures.

Unsteady Brothers Happy Doom

As described earlier, it prevailed vital to establish a stable ground for any future and search for the value of alliances with dominant parties, which houses a joint interest development. It is evident that even if the above grouping would be a safe bet for a successful partnership, it is also equipped with a critical weakness in longer-lasting reliability. This concealed fragility occurs by a complete absence of intellectual strength and a lack of intelligence regarding the most basic functions given the human species' genetic constitution's structure.

Fools Abyss

This inclination to an intuitive, emotional taste for the fragility within the modern man's character with its more subtle defects is a severe cultural phenomenon and treacherous due to its popularity with often a highly hazardous outcome. Moreover, this popularity for charming flaws within the modern man's character gives evidence historically to attract the groups as the most attractive fashion behaviour to young and active people. Therefore, a reflection arises because of the twisted popularity within the modern man's historical legacy. This unsteady character and its following weak intellectual strength prove the most traumatic and the most repulsive among human phenomena and cover the most unpleasant clarity the majority of the deepest tragic and shocking foul of past events.

Normal Human

But usually lure too loud in the pleasurable feeling to throw all concerns and the majority to surrender in a group of like-minded people who provide their own identity with a confirmation. Here in this realm of mutual affection of euphoria, the most pleasant is that love is given without cause and is loved unconditionally. Regarded then as the only and correct way of love, the faces are the exact configuration and ideal for this absolute passion. To exert direct argument or sporting struggle against groups welded together in passionate love is utterly meaningless and often results in a massive loss of assets and seriously risking health and survival.

Contaminated hazardous lurking passions

However, it is often advisable to let these powerful groups operate with their passion and love, provided they do not show signs of a willingness or intention to dominate civilization, established financial structures, and other institutions. Since ancient times, this regularly occurring and reliable clout has lyrical hordes of high efficiency assassinating and murdering those subsequently regarded as the most epoch-making talents in both science and philosophy.

Inevitable Paradigm?

The most compelling conductors of these terror hordes then become the foundation of the power's institutions but, not surprisingly, appear a highly prestigious absorption from an almost lost history. Slowly but surely, the new rulers integrating the science or philosophy whose authors or creators precisely centuries or a millennium earlier became publicly persecuted and brutally murdered. 

Is Darwin active in humans?

Perhaps this describes quite well why heady hordes through history are persecuting and murdering the prime of talent and this because their future increasingly will be populated by the children of the Horde and not of the children of the despised skills in incomprehensible science.

With Tomorrow's Tools?

Managing these heady lustful hordes is very difficult and extremely dangerous, and the tools that can succeed should probably remain hidden entirely but nonetheless highly effective. This effectiveness is potential by an interactive intellectual campaign with human beings' most critical genetic heritage and its accompanying civilization's technical gear.

On the Shoulders of Giants

Viktor E Frankl described his relationship with Sigmund Freud with the parable of a dwarf needing to step onto the shoulders of giants to see farther than the giant.

Coincidences made Viktor E Frankl and Sigmund Freud survived their hordes and imparted his great scientific heritage and shoulders. These substantial scientific giants undoubtedly provide a higher view than most people's minds can grasp or appreciate.

To value the heritage of these giants is difficult, but perhaps most closely, today's human consciousness is Viktor E Frankl's logotherapy. This theory can sense how man's everyday struggle for a quality life and meaning became the essential values for almost all contemporary man's life and career.


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