Entoto Natural Park

The Hidden Treasure at the Mountain's Shoulder This place is the work area of many endeavours; Entoto's High Plateau appears among adorable Juniper hills and dreamlike meadows. Ultimately, this landscape of forgotten dreams reveals its southern border in Bees' Cliff's abyss (14).  Here, it shows very soon the beautiful path (42) to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34, where massive work has elapsed with nature restoration for many years. Geographical Situation Addis Ababa is situated 9° north of the equator in central Ethiopia. There is a splendid outlook over the sprawling city and the five high solitary mountains from several spots, with a propagating view from the southwest to the southeast (Menagesha, Wachecha, Furi Zukuala and Yerer). On the mountain massif of Entoto, the Park area extends from the northern edge of the city at an altitude of 2 600m and further north over the mountain crest above 3,000 m. Entoto's High Plateau with an  Unknow

The Wild Forest of the Ancient

The Wild Forest of the Ancient The Wild and Fertile Forest from the Ancient Era. The Capital Below the Mist of Horizon Very remote vaguely appears, these civilizations settlements here from the elevated location on the outer rim of the high plateau (16) . Among these enchanted juniper hills and hidden paths, dreams of pure nature are offered by almost every view, also in the mighty abyss and canyon's uphill adventure. The stunning location of these described rock pools (14) is near. Still, this mysteriously secluded gorge with its seductive twilight paths is even closer, where its pathways first gently rise from (B) towards the tributary creek  (36) within the loop (14) . These natural baths and pools above Bees' Cliff  (14) and their sheer proximity by cliffhanging high over the abyss constitute a surprisingly adventurous, beautiful picnic place. However, the site is equally breathtakingly beautiful and thrillingly dramatic since it includes the shocking intro

Direction Map to the Alluring Past

π·π‘–π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘π‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘› π‘€π‘Žπ‘ π‘‘π‘œ π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ π΄π‘™π‘™π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘–π‘›π‘” π‘ƒπ‘Žπ‘ π‘‘ A. The Character of Entoto Kidane Mehret's Valley The square [A] serves as a directed and facilitating figure to more easily find points (5), (22), and (37), which are located and form the valley at Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). This area [A] begins most of the following hiking trails described . B. The Invitation to the Crossroad of Wilderness The still, gently upward hike shown within circle  (B)  includes points  (35) ,  (38) , and  (39)  and constitutes both a crossroads of somewhat wild paths and a beautiful rise on a ledge of some metres threshold. This crossroads is located just to the right of point  (38) - (B) , but regardless of the hiking paths within the loop point  (B) , all of these will soon contact the continued walk towards the higher positions. The Assistance To Direction and Orientation Detailed Description of the Hiking Trails Bees' Cliff 14 assists by the vast map  loop surroundin