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The Childhood Cradle of Entoto's Slopes

The childhood cradle of Entoto's slopes This time was much characterized by Abyssinia's history of grandiose lords and their battles to inherit Solomon's historical and legendary Crown.  An impressive sparkling background for a tiny infant who, despite British and noble birth origin yet with his first impression, sprouts curiosity in a traditional Abyssinian clay hut just down the mighty Entoto. This remarkable diversity of origin and place of birth form a context for both the idyll and the civilized environment that will soon be the seat of the British Legation. The emotional and remarkable foundation of the forthcoming magnificent grand events was created beneath the mountain with its legendary history and wilderness. This was the place for the infant boy who would build a future excellent through legends, books and thrilling adventures. The infant Wilfred Thesiger was here waved to his first impress

Art Shop: Landscape & Wildlife

This Example of Art is Not Included Videos: Entoto Park Fine Art Gallery Google Maps: Entoto Park Fine Art Gallery CONDITIONS OF SALE 50% of the price of this picture will go to the Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK). If you are interested in buying any of these works or would just like more information, please email us at or phone us on 0300 365 1417. Returns will be accepted without question within two weeks with a full refund of the purchase price. All paintings and drawings are for sale mounted (except where it says otherwise). Mounts are included in the purchase price. Wildlife Over 450 plants, more than 30 mammals and 16 birds are unique to Ethiopia. All flora and fauna in the painting are from these endemics. Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK) The total amount you donate will be used in Ethiopia. The Trust is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for Gift Aid. Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK) Donate: