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The Childhood Cradle of Entoto's Slopes

The childhood cradle of Entoto's slopes This time was much characterized by Abyssinia's history of grandiose lords and their battles to inherit Solomon's historical and legendary Crown.  An impressive sparkling background for a tiny infant who, despite British and noble birth origin yet with his first impression, sprouts to curiosity in a traditional Abyssinian clay hut just down the mighty Entoto. This remarkable diversity of origin and the place of birth form a context for both the idyll and the civilized environment that will soon be the seat of the British Legation. The emotional and remarkable foundation of the forthcoming magnificent grand events was created beneath the mountain with its legendary history and wilderness. This was the place for the infant boy who would build a future excellent through legends, books and thrilling adventures. The infant Wilfred Thesiger was here waved to his first


The picture to the left shows the mountain stream with native Juniper trees just a few steps above Bees' Cliff (14) -  located in the opposite direction to the image's visual field. Biodiversity Foreign trees often have difficulties adjusting to their new environment. The Eucalyptus is growing apparently without trouble, but it is not capable of sexually reproducing itself, i.e. the seeds do not germinate in the Ethiopian soils. Therefore the standard procedure of introduction is the planting of seedlings. The young trees soon start to compete very efficiently with other vegetation. It is a fast grower, quickly reaching above other trees and suppressing them. At the same time, a chemical component in the leaves and roots prevents the growth of other trees and herbs. This leads to a monoculture with Eucalyptus as the only tree species and eventually no ground cover. The Ancient Creation Of The Ground's Biodiversity The symbiotic synergy within the biod