Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)

Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)
(Updated  2017-08-31)

Depending on the people's health, children's school year, research and development of medicine for the future generations and education in natural sciences, it's of tremendous importance to preserve and henceforth protect the project and building Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34.

Furthermore, it intends to develop this project of sensitive connection between the human and the environment's health to include additional areas with the restoration of Nature in the fresh, fragrant Highland that extensively propagate over Ethiopia's High plateau.

Many deeply worn souls have spent years in this magnificent and often inaccessible area where great respect* should follow; therefore, this immense work to restore human health and dignity as representatives of the most formidable environmental conservation.

*   https://www.fanabc.com/english/entoto-natural-park-project-   creates-job-for-hundreds-of-women-pm/  

This is the work area of many endeavours; Entoto's High plateau appears among adorable Juniper hills and dreamlike meadows. Ultimately, beyond the horizon of golden fields, this landscape of forgotten dreams reveals its southern border in the abyss Bees' Cliff (14). Here it shows very soon; the beautiful path (42) to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34, where the massive work has elapsed with nature restoration for many years.

This excursion to the Nursery is a pleasant wandering with a minimum change in altitude, where it usually permits dry rock to wade over to the west side of the meandering stream. This direction passes just a little besides the natural pools above Bees' Cliff (14) and then further north through an open forest before arriving at the Nursery (34).



Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)


Campground:  https://mapsus.net/ET/entoto-natural-park-nursery-18497 

Google Maps:   https://goo.gl/maps/cLn1ERscV832  

[ Free ] - [ Entrance Fee ]

The entrance is free but if you're coming in your own car the parking outside: 15-20 birr per hour.
However, although the Park's nature is free to visit the entertainment, amusement activities are usually not free. Furthermore, do not forget your id card or passport.

Conceptual Proposal for the Location of Park Activities   (Date:  1995)

Educational Park, Tree Arboretum
Even though the whole area will be valuable for educational purposes, a particular protectorate area for the youth in an inviting park enclosure can be created for environmental education and school children.

Different aspects of ecology will be demonstrated here, including the diversity of the park. Nearby, a Scientific Centre will be established, implementing the latest experience controlling erosion in the Park area.

This is the intention high plateau where the Nursery is on the prospect to be laid; for the production of indigenous plants and trees. This Nursery is then intended both for the Park's requirements of native seedlings but also for sale to garden and nature interested visitors on weekend vacations.

Plan of Operation for 1995   
The Park itself will demonstrate what is possible to create with enthusiasm, love of nature and people, and efforts voluntarily.
Still, the task of making a reality of the establishment of 17 square kilometres, with all activities that will take place within the 50 years to come, needs a massive input of scientific knowledge and funding.

We believe that many donors and NGOs with specialized knowledge can contribute in the future. The Ethiopia Heritage Trust should not be afraid to share the burden with others, as long as all decisions are finally taken at the Governing Council and in the Park Committee.

We suggest the Park Committee employ a landscape planner on a 1-2 years contract, possibly funded by a donor agency with the primary interest in natural resource management.

The development of the park must be done without failures on too large a scale. Therefore, we stress the conclusion at the Sub-committee meeting that the development should grow in phases and that experience gained in the earlier stages should be applied to develop a more extensive area ( Håkan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

Tree Planting Record in Ethiopia:


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