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The Entoto Natural Park website (the "Service") information is for general information purposes only. The organization Entoto Natural Park assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions in the contents of the Service.

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The organization Entoto Natural Park reserves the right to make additions, deletions, or modifications to the contents of the Service at any time without prior notice.

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External links disclaimer

The organization Entoto Natural Park’s https://www.entoto-natural-park.org/ website may contain links to external websites that are not provided or maintained by or affiliated with the organization Entoto Natural Park.

Please note that Entoto Natural Park's organization does not guarantee any information on these external websites' accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness.

Fitness disclaimer

This website offers health, fitness and nutritional information and is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Hiking Safety

The mountain massif is vast, and the family on an excursion should avoid the tiring tours beyond the line of sight over the landscape of the mountain range. This caution in the family's daily route regards the family's well-being and pleasure due to the challenging terrain. Therefore, do not combine the family's new adventure with a too exhausting and difficult experience. Any risky behaviour in the wilderness hike is the participant's personal responsibility.

Hiking and Dangerous weather

For the more adventurous who prefer to face the storm in the wilderness of the Park prevails, some severe precautions. The oncoming rainstorms are evident in their alert approaching onslaught on Entoto mountain massif due to their apparent warnings from the dark clouds of the approaching thunderstorms. This obvious fact of approaching the rainy weather usually gives time to seek out one of the high-lying communities and their service amenities. However, these rainstorms on the mountain massif can be very persistent and thus make it impossible to expect an interruption of the rainstorm before dusk, making mountain hiking nearly impossible. Under these circumstances, it may be appropriate not to wait for a very uncertain clarification of the weather but instead take one of the waiting taxis or buses to get home before the dark. Challenging the danger of these weather conditions during hikes or camping in Entoto Natural Park is the participant's personal responsibility.

Dangerous Wildlife and Infectious Organisms
Absolute Caution with Injuries and Liquor

Hyenas have been seen as highly interested in sick or heavily intoxicated people, just regarding this as something different from humans and therefore not included in the ancient consensus of mutual respect. It would, therefore, be possible for a person who slips and lies demobilized, hidden and injured in the shady creek bed, may, at last, after a few days, attract Hyenas to become directly fatal. They can indeed become mighty animals, especially the females in close contact with muscular strength resemble brown bears in a slightly reduced size. However, even if hyenas lack rabies virus symptomatic disease; thereby, such danger is unknown; this will not exclude the possibility of such and other dangerous infectious organisms or viruses. The participants encounter any such fatal trouble or illness by their personal responsibility.

Required River and Pool Examination.

**[Caution] is required for most bathing events. This caution is crucial because the depth of these pools rarely exceeds one metre and, therefore, could very likely cause serious injury if accidental jumping during diving activities. This requirement of caution also applies to swimming underwater, and this is because the otherwise welcoming horizontal bottom section would have contaminations by a few but surprising and hidden larger underwater stones. However, these are generally very easy to find and remove but need to be taken into account as the rainy season is dominant and will regularly supply the bottoms of the pools with renewed rock bumps. The gorges with their waterfall often include dangerous abysses and hidden, unknown voids, which constitute a real danger. Any visitor to such an adventurous landscape challenges any such threat by their personal responsibility. Although the bath conditions are chilly and refreshing in Entoto Natural Park, this will not exclude the possibility of dangerous infectious organisms or viruses. The participants and visitors to Entoto Natural Park encounter any fatal trouble or illness by their personal responsibility.

Entoto Park and Entoto Park (Z) often have references on this website. This Entoto Park's distribution forms part of Entoto's massif and borders also Entoto Natural Park. However, Entoto Park is unique in offering a variety of activities and entertainment facilities in the near beauty of nature. Concerning this website's often referenced Entoto Park and its entrance Entoto Park (Z), the same precautionary rules for the visitor's responsibility prevail as otherwise apply to Entoto's massif and Entoto Natural Park. Therefore, it should be made clear that this website disclaims responsibility and obligations regarding all liability for errors or omissions in the service contents on this website regarding Entoto Park and the main entrance Entoto Park (Z). These possible inaccuracies in this website may apply to the purely essential for the visitor's life, health and property within Entoto Park. In addition, this website discharge obligations or responsibility from liability regarding the information of Entoto Park and complete disclaims responsibility and obligations regarding the associated entertainment facilities of this Entoto Park and its main entrance described as Entoyto Park (Z).

Although Entoto Natural Park's mountain range consists of historical communities with some completely adjacent parks, sanctuaries and scientific research centres, visitors have a near-impossible commitment to know when they pass the invisible transitions to these adjacent area's facilities and the mountainous regions. Therefore, visitors must understand that the personal responsibility for valuables or life and health in Entoto Natural Park also applies to the natural bordering regions, facilities and sanctuaries on Mount Entoto's mountain range. Thus, if damage, illness or loss of property occurs on either of the mountain massifs of Entoto, it is the visitor's responsibility to manage these according to their reason and ability. In this way, this website and the Entoto Natural Park disclaim the binding responsibility for all types of accidents, illnesses or loss of property in both the Entoto Natural Park and its adjacent areas. Instead, this responsibility for life, property, and health demands the visitors of the Park and not this website, Entoto Natural Park or Mount Entoto's mountain range.

This website thus contains frequent references to the mountainous landscapes adjacent to the Entoto Natural Park. These adjacent and rather challenging areas of Entoto Natural Park, described on this website, will offer to pass between different types of natural Park borders. Therefore, this website and Entoto Natural Park and mount Entoto mountain range facilities disclaim all obligations or responsibilities for the visitor's valuables, comfort, life, and health on Mount Entoto mountain range. Hence, the visitors can not on Mount Entoto's mountain range, in the case of misfortune, blame this website or Entoto Natural Park for the inadequate precaution alerts display and lack of precipice fencing as a source for compensation. Thus, this Website and Entoto Natural Park disclaim all such responsibility or payment requests from the Park's visitors in their case of misfortune, health issues, wounds caused by wild animals, illness by microorganisms in the environment, accidents or property loss. This website and Entoto Natural Park will thus not replace the visitor's personal duties for attentive care in judgements, responsibilities and obligations regarding due care of life, property, and health. However, with these adjoining natural park areas, sanctuaries and other facilities to what is shown on this site, a personal responsibility of the visitor to apply great caution in the dramatic nature and the wildlife that make up both Entoto Natural Park and Mount Entoto’s mountain range. Since Entoto Natural Park's mountain range characterizes this website's description, it should be emphasized and clear that nature is often very steep and poses an immediate danger when a visitor deviates slightly from the designated trails. It is thus the visitor's responsibility to limit the hiking and activities of this mountain to the tracks that appear on this website with good judgment and caution.

Therefore, users of this website must show common sense and assume their personal responsibility during their stay on Entoto Natural Park's extensive dramatic mountain massifs, including Mount Entoto's adjacent natural areas, sanctuaries, villages and amusement centres. This website or Entoto Natural Park disclaims all responsibility to the visitors in case a visitor's off-trail activities deviate from Entoto Natural Park's instruction. This call to Entoto Natural Park's visitors for caution also includes for the visitor to show great judgment in assessing the dramatic weather changes in thunderstorms, landslides or subsequent flash floods, for which this website and Entoto Natural Park disclaim all responsibilities. These assessments of weather changes outside this site information thus fall on the visitor's responsibility to exercise due care, while this website or Entoto Natural park disclaims all obligations of such security and alerts precautions. Great care should also prevail regarding the personal property that accompanies the visitor in Entoto Natural Park because the dramatic nature can be harsh towards private and unique treasures. In addition, the user of this website and the visitor of Entoto Natural Park should understand the seriousness of not attracting illegal activities by irresponsibly presenting valuables property and showing prudent discretion in all occurring behaviours. This website and the Entoto Natural Park disclaim liability for the visitor's property due to the visitor's negligence of weather, dramatic terrain, or criminal activities. These risk behaviours in personal activities with valuables or life and health within Entoto Natural Park and its adjacent areas are thus subject to the visitor's personal responsibility.


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