• Ethiopia can be divided into zones according to altitude and precipitation. Addis Ababa has an annual rainfall of  1 270 mm, which might be somewhat higher for Entoto.
  • The precipitation, with the altitude range of  2 600 to 3 100, defines the site as the agro-climatic zone Moist Dega, the natural vegetation being Afro-montane forest-woodland, indicated by Juniperus, Hagenia and Podocarpus trees (Bekele-Tesemma1993)
  • The average temperature in Addis Ababa is 16.3°C. However, since the temperature is falling with increasing altitude,  the top of the Park is estimated to be about 12°C. The wind can also be strong, so the climate can be pretty harsh, especially during the rains and in the higher parts.
  • Water: Drinking water must be available all year round, but since most brooks dry out sometime during the year, cautious behaviour is to bring water in rugged bottles before any adventure. There are, however, a few springs within the Park area, providing water for all seasons.
  • Rain Season: There are two rainy seasons per year, the minor rains from March to May and the big rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew 1988).

Natural Cliff  Pools On the High Plateau 

Picnics and Baths on the High Plateau
The Brooks and Pools Above the Abyss 
The pictures' location with the spring water and natural pools is at the southern rim ledge of the high plateau, within the map loop (14) including (41- 42). The scene is reminiscent of invitingly wild rock baths close to the breathtaking view above the Canyon (35). These baths' location is just a few steps above the hidden stone chamber, which forms the gate to the waterfall and the northern preamble to Bees' Cliff's abyss (14).

Meandering Streams with Baths On the High Plateau
The meandering stream of the high plateau just above Bees Cliff (14) provides an extraordinary bath with natural threshold barriers that form the conditions for elongated and naturally dammed pools. However, some **[Caution] require the most fun bathing events. This caution is crucial because the abyss is near and the depth of these pools rarely exceeds one metre.

Precautions During Rainy Seasons

The oncoming rainstorms are evident in their alert approaching onslaught on Entoto mountain massif, which is visible and apparent in severe thunderstorms. This obvious fact of approaching the rainy weather usually gives time to seek out one of the high-lying communities and their service amenities. However, these rainstorms on the mountain massif can be very persistent and thus make it impossible to expect an interruption of the rainstorm before dusk, making mountain hiking nearly impossible. Under these circumstances, it may be appropriate not to wait for a very uncertain clarification of the weather but instead take one of the waiting taxis or buses to get home before dark.

Adventurous Canyon Hiking 

 For the more adventurous who prefer to face the storm in the wilderness of the Park, some severe precautions prevail. Due to these rainstorms being very powerful, precautions follow all types of stay near the river banks, which express their danger in indicatory warnings by the riverbanks' classical formations. These beautifully sculptural formations reveal the gorge's historic high water flow and give signs during thunderstorms to avoid these dangerous water imprints with the highest priority. This fact of the inexorably savage forces of the water should therefore cause exposed hikers to immediately seek out higher ground above the ruthless water flow of the gorges.

The Cataracts, Waterfall and the Abyss

The dramatic invitation of a secret rock chamber:
A cliffhanger chasm and an irresistible beauty.
The Abyss of Bees' Cliff (14)
The Pictures' Description of the Cataracts
Regarding the picture above: The outlet for Bees Cliff's actual Waterfall (14) and its abyss is just some metres behind but still concealed by this opposite camera view of the smaller and cosy cataract in the photo. However, the tiny bath and cataracts in the image are above the real waterfall and its concealed rock vault. The location of the bath and cataracts is high above the abyss and extremely dangerous during high water flow. 

Sculptural Formations and the Abyss
The picture just to the left is staggering, inviting, and mysteriously hidden. However, people with sensitivity to heights should not climb into this mountain vault without being double-secured with harnesses and other equipment. Thus, the concealed vault above the abyss is an equally amazingly beautiful and dangerous place, furthermore completely fatal during torrential precipitation. 

The Adventure History

"Entoto's climate during the rainy season was far from pleasant, for it suffered from many storms. A French traveller, Jules Borelli, states that it was a place of much lightning, thunder and fog, while his compatriot, Charles Michel, remarked that, ''exposed to the wind, difficult to access, and without drinking water'' (Ibid, p.103).
(HΓ₯kan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

Assistance Directions: [A] - (B) - (14)

** CAUTION: Bees' Cliff  (14)
Although this remarkable rock vault and bath is the most entertaining of wild places, it is nevertheless a directly fatal place during rainy seasons, without any possibility of a positive outcome.

The Bath Season with Pictures 
These photos of water-filled streams and cascading waterfalls are shot just above Bees' Cliff (14) at Entoto's southern highland plateau - from early October to the beginning of November. All of these active water sports photographs passed about one to two months since the long rainy season ended. Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the canyon but assisting by the wide map loop surrounding the gentle and fascinating points 36 and 41-42

Despite the period passed from these photo opportunities and the last rains being over a month, it is still a great asset of bath and fresh spring water flow on the higher ground of Entoto. But maybe for those some hilarious adventures, it would have been even more suitable if they had occurred a month earlier and thus offered even more enjoyable spontaneous bath activities. 


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