Picnics & Baths

Picnics & Baths

Photos: Bees' Cliff, Area No.14, Highland plateau, Entoto Natural Park.

Seasons for Baths and Months for Weather Protection

The High Plateau of Entoto Natural Park

Meandering stream and Natural rock pools above Bees' Cliff

The meandering stream of the high plateau just above Bees Cliff (14) provides an extraordinary bath with natural threshold barriers that form the conditions for elongated and naturally dammed pools. However, some **[Caution] requires the most fun bathing events. This caution is crucial because the depth of these pools rarely exceeds one metre and, therefore, could very likely cause serious injury if accidental jumping during diving activities.

Required Bottom Examination.

This requirement of caution also applies to swimming underwater, and this is because the otherwise welcoming horizontal bottom section would have contaminations by a few but surprising and hidden larger underwater stones. However, these are generally very easy to find and remove but must be considered as the dominant rainy season will regularly supply the bottoms of the pools with renewed rock bumps.

Harmonic Currents Along the River
**Caution During Rainy Seasons

Since all streams around Entoto run-up within a short distance to the highest part of the plateau, there is no risk of being surprised by far and accumulated sudden river flow from an unknown range. There is no known weakness in the deep rock pools that could constitute a magazine water mass just waiting to break through a weak point in the cliff bottom. However, no person should walk on the riverbanks of the ravines in the aftermath of heavy rain as this poses an immediate danger to life. A mistake on slippery ground can be fatal despite the apparent alert about the fast water flow. This torrential force along the river banks can quickly take a person or their pet beyond rescue in a relentless power of a rushing water flow.

Picnics Provision and Bath Seasons

Water: Drinking water must be available all year round, and due care is crucial since most brooks dry out sometime during the year. There are, however, a few springs within the Park area, providing water for all seasons. The most necessary for the Park's experience and picnics, as well as the candy shop (2), is right next to the Sanctuary (32) and across the bus stop at the community Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). Rain Season: There are two rainy seasons per year, the minor rains from March to May and the big rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew, 1988).


The Natural Pools of Bees' Cliff

These photos show the location of the spring-
water and natural pools at the southern rim
 ledge of the high plateau, just above (14)
The rock pools above Bees' Cliff (14)

The different ways to these natural pools just above Bees' Cliff (14) follow those previously described from points (37) - [A]. Furthermore, there are several very different path choices just uphill from point (38), which also becomes enriched by a more thorough, independent acquaintance with the full south-eastern to north-western eroded soil road (41) located just above points (14 - 16). This plateau just above Bees' Cliff  (14) is a magnificently beautiful place with a great panorama view over the gorge and many characters in the landscape.

14. A Great Wildlife View with the Meandering streams.
When the scene at the threshold of this high plateau turns south, the abyss Bees' Cliff (14), the ravine is very close. This concealed Abyss, its waterfall and the river's further gorge meandering (35) are here hair-raising near the pools of Bees' Cliff (14). These are the nature baths just above Bees Cliff (14), and the threshold down to this Abyss invite a great nature drama. The rock pools are far above the hillside but still near in the distance, with waterfall and Ravens' flight in playful hay above their home of vertically rising cliff-sides.

The enchanting valley of Entoto Kidane Mehret [A]

The valley within the map square  [A] of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32) with its Sanctuary. This site gives full experiences of the ravine above this river in its fascinating formations and complete contact. With this dramatically graceful and sculptural valley just below Entoto Kidane Mehret (1), this place constitutes a crossroad for many completely enchanting choices. Within this open gully with bridge crossing of the valley [A] and paths and ways, this enticingly cosy and inspiring ravine attracts waiting in pleasure to avoid losing its beauty. Instead, a serene ardour prevails to spiritually remain and in harmony fully engulf its beauty of sculptural shape and its feeling of premonition adventures.

A Landscape and Climate of Great Drama 

Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the canyon but
assisting by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Detailed Information with Activities

A Turmoil of Chaos in Waterfall and Thunder.

However, the high plateau and Bees' Cliff (14) is high above any instant protection by the community's facilities of taxis, bus station and shops from the quaint ledge town (1) and Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). Due to this harsh reality, some reservations are required for the season time when this high plateau is appropriate for visits and when the site needs extra caution.

A Time of Fragrance, Harmony and Beauty
At the end of the rain season in September - October, the high plateau becomes a lush mountain Nature of deep attraction where streams and waterfall stabilize in exquisite flowing beauty. A gentle, romantic flow of ideal conditions becomes evident in October- November.

Some Mornings Hours of Wonderful Respite.

The most necessary for the Park's experience and picnics, as well as the candy shop (2), is right next to the Sanctuary (32) and across the bus stop at the community Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). While the Italian reservoir offers this required, convenient and exciting beauty, and since the tempests usually follow a bound rhythm, its experience in beautiful, cosy daily hours can be both appealing and irresistible. Planning the picnic requires a conscious behaviour to return the short distance to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) in time before the next thunderstorm.

The Cosy & Comfy Choice for the Young Family

Water to the Capital and the Reservoir (19)
The comfortable choice for the cosy picnic.
The Italians established an extensive reservoir to provide the Capital with water during the occupation. In today's situation, this mountain reservoir (underground water technology) has lost some of its importance in favour of more significant catchment dams.

𝟐𝟐. π•πšπ₯π₯𝐞𝐲 b𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐨𝐦 near Entoto Kidane Mehret Church is within the sculptural ravine of square [A]; see the map below to the right. This valley provides unique, beautiful scenery with a brook passing by. This brook (35) is by its deep sculptural appearance characterizing the views of the dramatic landscape and cliff formations of the uphill trails. It is an excellent assistant for orientation for the most hiking paths up to the high plateau.

Picnic Care for the Family 

The most beautiful and versatile nature and fascinating places, which are also reachable within charming simplicity, are often the primary for family picnics but can often be challenging to accomplish within the convenience of the whole family's interest. Due to weather conditions, duties and family members' interest in comfort and alluring entertainment, will this require some unique and beautiful characteristics of the picnic's requirements.

The Cautious Choice for the Young Family (19)

The comfy promenade to reach the Italian-built spring water facility (19) is within these young family requirements and, therefore, an excellent choice for most activities and nature interests. Entoto Kidane Mehret's inhabitants are bringing their household water from this source. Thus, the company is apparent by playing with children and people fetching quantities of water to their homes. The valley of Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) constitutes the bridge crossing just some steps downhill of the Sanctuary (32) and further invites a gentle walk to the place for family picnic and games at the Italian reservoir (19), located just to the right by a gentle undulated and charmingly curved path.

The Italian Fortification and Bath

The Historical Remain of the Italian Fortification.

This Italian fortification (38) is very close to the actual path upwards and just above the lying farmhouse (39); see both of these points within the map circle (B). Here, slight downhill, the pipeline connects to the reservoir and underground installation by Mussolini's troops from the farmhouse area. It is an exciting and short deviation from the path to visit this beautiful place. 

**Caution: A Thorough Bath Examination is Required in the Italian fortification.

Regarding the safety of this old Italian fortification (38) within map circle (B), all kinds of bath demand must first be preceded by a thorough bottom and wall examination. The purpose is to ensure the reservoir's bottom conditions where larger stones and iron objects could pose a severe injury hazard. The Creation of Drinking-Water  |  Forgotten High Technology

A Thrilling Adventure among Waterfall and Fortress.

This mountainous fortress facility (38) - (B) was built in the late thirties in an attempt by the invading Italian forces to gain control with a strategically significant overview of the Capital and the landscape. Through the mentioned upland topography, the site is magnificent and gives an incentive to consider the facility being reconstructed for adventure tourism.  However, careful and prudent distance is required while walking at this potentially dangerous and dizzying precipice. This dramatic cliff passage is the deviating and captivating cliff path to this concealed and lofty site with its characters of high drama in a cosy entertaining atmosphere.

The Drama of Waterfall and Mountain Pools.
This mountain site (38) - (B) is dramatically located on the mountainside, with complete contact with splendid panoramic views. The varied nature drama and exciting surroundings, including the spillway waterfall, adorn this Italian fortress' patinated architecture. Thus, walking at a prudent distance overview to the dizzying precipice, any spectator is seduced by thrilling expectation and pleasure. All this is thanks to the cosy atmosphere of this mysteriously forgotten cliff ledge with its mountainous fortress and reservoir. 

From this secret water vault beneath the rock
 pools, the big waterfall, and Abyss are here still
  hidden but respectfully close, only some metre
  behind the view of the bath photo.
14. Waterfalls and Hidden Arches

Photographs: Nature & Waterfall 

These photos of water-filled streams and cascading waterfalls are shot just above Bees' Cliff (14) at Entoto's southern highland plateau - from early October to November. Regarding all of these active water sports photographs, it has passed about one to two months since the long rainy season ended.

Seasons for Swimming or Hiking
Despite the period passed from these photo opportunities and the last rains being over a month, it is still a great asset of bath and fresh spring water flow on the higher ground of Entoto. But maybe for those some hilarious adventures, it would have been even more suitable if they had occurred a month earlier and thus offered even more fun spontaneous bath activities.

Caution: Dramatic landscape and distances

Torrential Deluges & Abyss
Safety and Security
Therefore, it's appropriate for young families to avoid Bees' Cliff (14). Instead, it's recommended to enjoy the pleasant and sunny day hours by enjoying the beautifully undulated promenade within a delightful valley [A] and its enchantingly sculptural glen and path towards the Italian spring water facility (19) - [A] or maybe the little more adventurous terrain at the Italian fortress (38) - (B).

Apparent and Pleasant Hiking Trails

This place brings the introduction and the sculptural overview toward the southern slope of Entoto's rising shoulder. The bridge crossing just below Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) with its valley [A] displays very clear the crossroad and its several directly following choices of trails. This is the valley with gentle terrain and more mountainous paths [A], and here is the invitation to the rising mountainside. With this, the first careful invitation to a flavour of wilderness is given but with a mysterious feeling of an unknown grandeur, still only waiting in a stimulating foreboding, and this of nothing less than hidden places of serene qualities of unique nature but also a path within the forgotten harbours for the human soul. Here the first silent breeze whispers smoothly through the well-fragrance of elusive and wild incense. Nature whispers here gently to any visitor and in silent joy, expecting an adventure of grande qualities. Thus this is the gate to the spiritual realm and the path to an irresistible original mountain nature with its overwhelming grandiose impressions.

Picnic Views from the Dreams' Realm

Spring Water with Bath
A Great Wildlife View with the meandering streams.
This plateau just above Bees' Cliff  (14) is a magnificent place with a great panorama view over the stream and many landscape characters. When the scene turns south, the abyss Bees' Cliff (14), the chasm is very close but far below the horizon of sight.

Natural Freshly Purging Spring Water.
This flowing freshwater meant it's usually not rainwater flowing in its origin but instead chilled and underground fresh spring water. This freshwater phenomenon is simply Highland and mountain affected by gravity, which naturally downloads the torrential deluges from the rainy seasons into the natural aquifers.

The Picnics Views for Social Tranquillity

This high viewpoint (16) provides places for picnics in social tranquillity and contemplation about the unique nature, facilitated quickly by the high point of view, even over the mist-veiled Capital far below the southern slopes. Bees' Cliff (14) is very near now, with its Abyss, where the river's further gorge meandering (35) becomes intuitively felt through the profound cooling airflow rising from the unknown Abyss below the field of view. Much closer, the farmhouse is reminded and not far below even the spiritually chanting walls of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). The Southern Slope of the Park

The Paths To Bees' Cliff Natural Pools

The different ways to these natural pools just above Bees' Cliff (14) follow those previously described from point (37). Thus, there are several very different path choices just uphill from point (38) but also becomes enriched by a more thorough, independent acquaintance with the full south-eastern to north-western eroded soil road (41) located just above points (14 - 16).

Warm Sunbathing but Cold Mornings

Characterized by frigid nights, the average temperature of the mountain Entoto's plateau is below comfortable bathing degrees with its average temperature of about 12 ° C. Thus, the result of these long and cold nights, in turn, determines the degree of cooling effect in the mentioned natural Highland pools. However, the mountain afternoon hike is usually very warming, so any refreshing bath is enticing, fun, welcoming comfortable.

The Afternoon's Warm and Inviting Cliffs

Due to the chilly spring water in the brook, it's pleasurably and crucial to wait for baths until the sun warms up the surrounding rocks. Usually, this comfortable warmed rock degree occurs at about lunchtime and then invites to relaxing half hour or more extended warming sunbathing. These adventurous nature drama and beautiful experiences at the stream of the well-formed and clean rocks above Bees' Cliff (14) prevail as something completely unforgettable.

Observe, One Heavy Rain Season Every Year

There are two rainy seasons per year, the short rainy season from March to May and the significant rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew, 1988). However, this place may appear scary during the relatively long rainy season with high water flows and intertwined with sudden thunderstorms where only a powerful terrain vehicle would give protection.

Some Mornings Hours of Wonderful Respite

While this site offers an exhilarating beauty and the storms usually follow a bound rhythm, its experience in beautiful, cosy daily hours can be both an exciting and irresistible occurrence. It provided a conscious behaviour to return in time before the next thunderstorm.


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