Safety and Security

Safety and Security

CAUTION: Use the Camera with

 Extreme Caution in Contact with Precipices.

A Cliff Dwelling from the Lost Aeons
Bees' Cliff - [CAUTION]
CAUTION: Dramatic Distances and High Altitudes
Besides, Entoto Kidane Meret Sanctuary (32), with its Church and Monastery, is astonishingly hidden, tucked into the mountain massif's rising shoulder, and dizzying perceptions arise very soon and demand care for young families. This observance is evident because dramatic views display spectacularly beautiful landscapes over the location of gorges, precipices and gullies.

Demanded Harness in Contact with Abyss 
These unique impressions give a somewhat hazardous situation with confusing camera handling and keeping the feet away from the abyss. The importance of security precautions occurs pretty soon when walking along the path (5) just after the cosy Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) mountain town and Sanctuary (32). Furthermore, no person should walk on the riverbanks of the ravines in the aftermath of heavy rain, as this poses an immediate danger to life.

[CAUTION] - A Mountain Of Ordeals.

Note that the mountain massif is vast, and the family on an excursion should avoid the tiring adventure tours beyond the line of sight over the landscape of the mountain range. This caution observance in the family's daily route regards the family's well-being and pleasure due to the demanding terrain. Therefore, Do Not Combine the family today's new mountain adventure on the same day with tiring and exhausting fluttering trips between Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and Entoto Park (Z), including Entoto Maryam 43. This caution is crucial because the impressions from each place are just at the upper limits of what a person can muster.

 CAUTION: The Canyon's Entrance

Although this ruin (38) - (B) and high river-dell also invite the river's gate towards the Twilight Canyon, some alerts should remain. Since this mountain's natural gate to the Canyon is the fundamental cataract receiving cliff-ledge of the Canyon's accumulated water flow, a cautious approach is appropriate to treat this watergate. Furthermore, the continuing close contact with the deeper region of the gorge's profoundly rising uphill and chiselled waterway within the Canyon often appears scary and dangerous. The more secure choice for visitors to the Canyon's deep cleft and family's adventure entrance is higher on the Canyon's mountainside (36) within the map loop (14). Here are a few delightful inviting glades within the Canyon where the visitors encounter splendid views, especially this tributary (36), whose numerous deep spatial overviews enrich the cosy natural atmosphere.

Safety Preparations & Unique Adventures.

Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the Canyon but
assists by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Detailed Information with Activities

Qualifications, Care and Caution.
The precautions are necessary as the hiking trails are either exceptionally varied or dramatic in their diversity propagation up to Entoto's high plateau. No concealed walk in the dry creek bed should be done without company, depending on the possible risk of injury, fatigue, or heart fragility. Still, at least one more person requires this type of concealed seasonal hiking. At least two litres of water per person in unbreakable bottles is a minimum for these Highlands adventures to Bees' Cliff (14).

Caution During the Rainy Season.
However, provided that the trekking is not made during rainy periods, the long stretches of tributary river banks (35) - (B) - (14) also offer a lot of relaxation and enjoyment. Significantly, nature drama dominates after the path deviates and continues upward just before the old pipeline joins the reservoir of the Italian fortification (38) - (B) at the river (35).

Grande Adventure: WARNING

Very Clear Restrictions for Further Hiking (14)

Through a deceiving natural trickery, the higher and eastern Canyon's slope gives an impression of invitingly lush beauty but a treacherous one with a fertile green breathtaking threshold, hiding a shocking void (shown within the map loop 14). Anyway, the safety boundary of the continuous path along the river's shoreline (35) - (B) indicates that this route does not include the Canyon's upper direction underneath Bees' Cliff (14). Therefore, this last way toward the Canyon's abyss is visibly too steep and dangerous except for possible experts with safety harnesses and other equipment. This danger appears thus with clarity when walking along this river's shoreline (35). This danger requires attention, but the Canyon here (36) within the map loop (14) is exquisitely beautiful and offers only a short walk back to reach the trail. This path is located on the uphill slope of the minor tributary canyon (36), where its riverbank offers gentle terrain along this tributary gorge (36), located within the lower part of the map loop (14).

**Caution During Rainy Seasons    

Since all streams around Entoto run up within a short distance to the highest part of the plateau, there is no risk of being surprised by far and accumulated sudden river flow from an unknown range. There is no known weakness in the deep rock pools that could constitute a magazine water mass just waiting to break through a weak point in the cliff bottom. However, no person should walk on the riverbanks of the ravines in the aftermath of heavy rain, as this poses an immediate danger to life. A mistake on slippery ground can be fatal despite the apparent alert about the fast water flow. This torrential force along the river banks can quickly take a person or their pet beyond rescue in the relentless power of a rushing water flow.

Hyena: Trauma, Accident and Risks

Wildlife with Beauty and Curiosity

Absolute Caution with Injuries and Liquor.

Since the relationship between humans and Hyenas is ancient, mutual peace has evolved. On the other hand, Hyenas have been seen as highly interested in sick or heavily intoxicated people, just regarding this as something different from humans and therefore not included in the ancient consensus of mutual respect.

Hyena:  Warning of Fatal Accidents in the Wilderness.
It would, therefore, be possible for a person who slips and lies demobilized, hidden and injured in the shady creek bed may, at last, after a few days, attract Hyenas to become directly fatal. They can indeed become mighty animals and then, especially the females.

Precautions with Hiking and Thunderstorms

Some severe precautions prevail for the more adventurous who prefer to face the storm in the wilderness of the Park. The oncoming rainstorms are evident in their alert approaching onslaught on Entoto mountain massif due to their apparent warnings from the dark clouds of the approaching thunderstorms. This obvious fact of approaching the rainy weather usually gives time to seek out one of the high-lying communities and their service amenities. However, these rainstorms on the mountain massif can be very persistent and thus make it impossible to expect an interruption of the rainstorm before dusk, making mountain hiking nearly impossible. Under these circumstances, it may be appropriate not to wait for a very uncertain clarification of the weather but instead take one of the waiting taxis or buses to get home before dark.

Thunderstorm Protections are Available:

Entoto Kidane Mehret (1), Entoto Maryam (32), Entoto Park (Z)

Thunderstorm Protections are Available

These rainstorms can be very powerful, and precautions follow all types of stay near the river banks, which express their danger in indicatory warnings by the gorges' classical formations. These beautifully sculptural formations reveal the gorge's historic high water flow and give signs during thunderstorms to avoid these dangerous water imprints with the highest priority. This fact of the inexorably savage forces of the water should, therefore, cause exposed hikers to immediately seek out higher ground above the ruthless water flow of the gorges.

The Secure Way Back for Lost and Worried People 

To find out from this enchanting and beautiful original forest (40), a lost person only ought to follow its very apparent slope down the east of the valley and thus in short contact with the open environment and clear paths that quickly show where you are in the relationship with the rest of the Park.


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