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The Dangerous Heritage of Terror

  The Dangerous Heritage of Terror Alien and Threatening Motives Behind the Evolution of Terrorism 1. It seems inevitable that Ethiopia, as an example of grandeur and deep attraction, will cause jealousy. Therefore, Ethiopia had once more to be the legendary scene for even more examples of deceived Western international sources, tragically deluded by insidiously fabricated alliances with their specific plague of historical records. The probable reasons for these internationally deceived emotions derive from the flagrant background of a compulsively regular duped global media, tragically supporting a terror-classed organization that previously forced its fabricated government on Ethiopia's population and environment. Thus, the deluded international media unintentionally delivered the challenge and stimulus for any Ethiopian to further raise Ethiopia's desire for cultural sophistication and technological progress. These previous terror governments and naively manipulative element

Picnics & Baths

Photos: Bees' Cliff, Area No.14, Highland Plateau, Entoto Natural Park. Picnics & Baths Seasons for Baths and Months for Weather Protection The average temperature in Addis Ababa is 16.3°C. However, since the temperature is falling with increasing altitude, the top of the Park is estimated to be about 12°C. The wind can also be strong, so the climate can be pretty harsh, especially during the rains and in the higher parts. Water: Drinking water must be available all year round, but since most brooks dry out sometime during the year, cautious behaviour is to bring water in rugged bottles before any adventure. There are, however, a few springs within the Park area, providing water for all seasons. Rain Season: There are two rainy seasons per year, the minor rains from March to May and the big rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew 1988). Meandering streams and Natural rock pools above Bees' Cliff The meandering st

A Canyon of Grandeur & Adventure

The Rising Shoulders of Entoto's Massif   D reams'   G ate to G rande T wilight   A dventures A C anyon for A dventurous H ike with G uiding P aths and W ildlife This mysterious but inviting twilight cleft with its fort ruin (38) - (B) constitutes the actual gate to the Canyon (B) - (14) . However, equipped with a cosy glade above the precipice, this cliffhanging ruin's site offers some unique, charming picnic opportunities. Therefore, this Canyon dominates the landscape in many ways and is an excellent place for a well-equipped family to appreciate unforgettable adventures. However, this Canyon (B) - (35) - (14) also provides the most pleasant magical mountain views, with sights along the paths of its higher slopes that offer an utterly captivating nature. This visible clarity in the appearance and selection of trails is apparent here thanks to the attractive overview of the sculptural introduction towards this very family-friendly Canyon and river (35) - (B) - (1