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Entoto Natural Park's southern slope

The indigenous  Podocarpus falcatus (P. gracilior)   Vernacular names: (Am: Zigba) (Or: Birbirsa)     Practical Hiking Notes from the Park The experiences from the Park's beautiful and cold morning hours and especially from the place around the southern slopes and the high plateau are described with these hiking notes. These experiences from this vast and unique nature thus form the basis for future environmental work and the opportunity to provide materials to help visitors with pleasant weekend trips.  Taxi or Hike from the Capital The means of transport to reach the Park's large work area at dawn was usually either by regular taxi or hike from Addis Ababa's centre to the end station at the community of  Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). Although these excursions often continued to the high plateau and further to nearby highlands of Oromia, well located in the area of ​​Entoto Natural Park (Nursery). The actual mountain hiking started at the sanctu

The High Plateau of Entoto Natural Park

The High Plateau of Entoto Natural Park The picture shows the mountain stream with native Juniper trees just a few steps above Bees' Cliff (14); the location is opposite the image's visual field.  A purging fresh stream runs by leaps and joy beyond the secret path of  Entoto Kidane Mehret's sacred stone walls. Beauty shines beyond hidden depths and abyss to be seen at the Bees' Cliff (14).  The Arrival on the High Plateau (41- 42) The high plateau is an evident and apparent contrast to the gently steep hiking up from  Entoto Kidane Mehret  (1)  with its sculptural river banks at the Sanctuary (32) . Behind now is Bees' Cliff's adventurous and beautiful experience  (14) and the adorable viewpoint (16).  But still, they are very near, with Bees' Cliff (14) just several tens metres to the south and the adorable viewpoint (16),  now behind but in close walking contact, located on the threshold below the southern outer rim of this high plateau.  Enchanting Bro