Entoto Natural Park's southern slope

The indigenous Podocarpus falcatus (P. gracilior) 
Vernacular names: (Am: Zigba) (Or: Birbirsa)    

Practical Hiking Notes from the Park

The experiences from the Park's beautiful and cold morning hours and especially from the place around the southern slopes and the high plateau are described with these hiking notes. These experiences from this vast and unique nature thus form the basis for future environmental work and the opportunity to provide materials to help visitors with pleasant weekend trips. 

Taxi or Hike from the Capital

The means of transport to reach the Park's large work area at dawn was usually either by regular taxi or hike from Addis Ababa's centre to the end station at the community of  Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). Although these excursions often continued to the high plateau and further to nearby highlands of Oromia, well located in the area of ​​Entoto Natural Park (Nursery). The actual mountain hiking started at the sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) and continued within the wild and mountainous part of the Park.

Mountain Hiking Preparations

Despite this somewhat harsh highland air, the hiking is captivating and comfortable but requires regular rest. Of course, also the very essential to drink regularly from the brought-with and rugged water bottle. Restaurants and amenities at Entoto Kidane Mehret sanctuary (32) and community (1): Accommodation and Food Services

Towards the Fresh Well-Fragrance of Highland

Entoto's threshold rises majestically over the valley [A], where the mountain's southern slope and further mighty hillside invites to the first steps of mysterious acquaintance towards this profoundly venerated and historical highland. In majestic veneration of reverence, this primaeval precipice of mysterious secret guise from the past appears to visitors as it towers above a relatively high altitude. Caution is, therefore, an essential foundation for preparation because the mountain's rise is quite demanding for visitors with otherwise healthy activities from lowland experience.

The introduction to Entoto's southern slope

Bees' Cliff 14 require caution in the canyon but
assists by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Description of the Hiking Paths
The Elevated Protectorate and Sanctuary of Beauty and Serenity.
Here underneath the sanctuary (32) within its concealed valley [A,] of Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) rises the first steps of the mountain's hillside towards Entoto's high plateau. The multiple choices of paths continue upwards from this valley [A] towards native mountain nature with secret places of pure serenity and often with views of breathtakingly beautiful sights.

A Valley for Relaxation and Family Picnics.
Captivating sublime reveals highland scenes, often with the drama of canyon nature and aesthetically unforgettable dream paths. Well fragrant and aesthetically alluring are these paths from Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley [A], furthermore also the location of the sculptural river-dell and handcrafted bridge just beneath this sanctuary (32). Thus delivers the first gentle invitation to the mountain's raised hillside. Description of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) 



  • This area's ancient legends and the reverence for its description thus called for the responsibility to reproduce a comprehensive, reliable and inspiring creative image of the Park's character.

  • These vast experiences of a captivating nature, landscape and the area's golden majesty, although often mysteriously veiled guise, formed the basis of the alluring and irresistible evoked motivation that made every severe step with the Park's work an inspiring but often very demanding task.

  • Through the mountain's unique and legendary past, together with the dramatically beautiful and gracious nature, a physical and visual stimulus was given that inspired and created the pure and deep joy for other ever-extensive mountain walks.

[CAUTION] - Precautionary Commitments
  • These mountain walks were often made from the Addis Ababa city centre early in the morning and well before any dawn light but also usually about 6 - 6:30 am with the regular taxi to the station of Entoto Kidane Mehret (1).

  • Since these very early mornings were near frigid cold and, besides, the highland air somewhat demanding, this weather situation meant that the choice of clothing was characterized by what is otherwise usually used in northern latitudes or alpine areas.

  • Also, solid backpacks were large enough to store warm clothes and water bottles when daytime temperatures usually rose to about 20 ° Celsius, making the winter clothes way too warm.

  • With these very early mornings of long and chilly hiking, nature and wildlife experiences were offered, which otherwise would not have been possible if a later hour had been chosen. Furthermore, the choice of early mornings allowed a return to the Capital around lunchtime when the hike began.

  • This return to the Capital was made by taxi or bus from either the station at Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) with its picturesque town and beautiful sanctuary or by taxi from Entoto Maryam (43), located on the high plateau.

  • This return journey at lunch hours constituted well-being and magnetic stimulation for the continued days with mountain experiences. The choice of more extended hiking would cause very demanding and purely exhausting effects in this often a rather steep highland and the harshly high altitude condition.

 Entoto Kidane Mehret's Sanctuary and Secluded Town

Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) is a quaint town in its secluded mountain ledge but in pleasant contact above the Capital. The Capital and the Park are much integrated, yet surprisingly, the mountain nature itself often remains mysterious, wild and disguised by the topography. Thus, the concealed mountain village and sanctuary (32) of Entoto Kidane Mehret initiate contact with the grandeur of the ancient history and highland. Furthermore, this sanctuary of  Entoto Kidane Mehret constitutes the first introduction to the nature of the mountainside. Even the high plateau of the Park is intriguingly near yet in an untouched towering magnificence. The valley [A] and its seductive polished rock-gully allure is just beneath the sanctuary and is thus appropriate to consider an integrated part of each other's nature.

Clear and Pleasant Hiking Trails

Detailed Map and Route Descriptions
This map description forms the mountain's southern slope and from point (16) even the threshold to the high plateau of Entoto's rising shoulder. This is nothing less than a high located original mountain nature and its overwhelming grandiose impressions. A traditional and handcrafted bridge within the map square [A] constitutes a central part of the valley and the river crossing just below the sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). With this, the first careful invitation to a flavour of wilderness is given but with a mysterious feeling of an unknown grandeur, still only waiting to be revealed.

[A] Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley with its choices of paths.
Here are the experience of the ravine and the river in its fascinating formations in overwhelming contact. Within this open valley [A] are pathways and bridge crossing locations. This enticingly cosy valley and its inspiring gully attract while waiting in pleasure. Thus to stay for a while and not risk losing its beauty but spiritually to remain in harmony and fully engulf its full beauty of sculptural shape and its feeling of just waiting for premonition adventures.

Mountain Maps & Alerts with Assistance of Path Directions [A] - (B) - (14)

The superficial water-conducting metal pipe (37) - [A] assists the mountain hike where its apparent suitability begins on the slope above the valley [A]. This place is easily reached from below the valley [A] with comfortable passing between a couple of cottages before it continues and reaches a gentle high level on the mountain's shoulder. 

This sculptural and inviting valley [A] constitutes the borders that form the double directed visual field, including the mountain itself and the concealed plateau ledge of Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). The settlement of Entoto Kidane Mehret is very gently rising above valley [A] but well above its bridge and captivating glen formation. The landscape within the valley [A] reveals Entoto Kidane Mehret's height in the west. Thus, after arriving from the picnic and play at (19) and the valley [A], the scene delivers a welcoming and near east-facing silhouette of Entoto Kidane Mehret's concealed plateau-ledge.

Thus, close to this ancient mountain, the cosy, secluded plateau of Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and (32) represents the base for many adventures. Majestically but quaintly elevated is this settlement (1) with its community and sanctuary, Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). Furthermore, within this valley's [A] pleasant undulated embrace of the mountain's base is the location of the Italian water reservoir (19) concealed underground. This place is the most charming location for family activities, and this is because of the pleasure of direct visual contact with mountain nature. This place is an absolute delight in pleasant sunny day hours for any young family, with its beautifully undulated promenade along the sculptural glen. After a few minutes, arrive at this concealed water source (19) for family picnics and activities.

The Rising Shoulder of Entoto's Massif

Viewpoint No.16 with Indigenous Juniper Trees
The Paths Towards the High Plateau.
Here the trails follow a clear direction up to Entoto's high plateau and, furthermore, including all of these exciting and surprisingly attractive paths along the eastern slope of the canyon's riverbank; they are straightforward to follow in the landscape.

A significant number of routes towards the viewpoint.
The visible clarity in the appearance and selection of trails is apparent here, thanks to the attractive overview of the panoramic and sculptural character of the landscape together with this very family-friendly canyon. 

A Guiding Canyon Deliver Path Assistance

The open and pleasant contact with the lush hillside of these riverbanks entices continuously towards the river (35) - (B) deeply within the canyon. Since the water flow is often calm, it offers multiple passages, using some cliff formation and, in comfort, passing over to the opposite side of the canyon. The mysterious twilight cleft is apparent and an excellent place for the well-equipped family to appreciate unforgettable thrilling adventures. However, the most pleasant magical mountain views are equally near where cosy picnics places offer an utterly captivating nature.

The picture shows a native Podocarpus tree near the wild meadow with the farmhouse.

Some Podocarpus trees, found from a much previous era, appears admirably muscular and patina furrowed around the extensive farmhouse (39) area within map circle (B), just below the high plateau ledge (16). Very near point (16) is the location of the farmhouse (39) within map circle (B) with large Juniperus procera trees along its upper hillside. Furthermore, upwards the path turns slightly to the right towards the location (16), just at the high plateau's outer edge and even here with many incredible stately Juniper trees. These places are very near to the outermost borders of the high table, and by the delightful formation and concealed drama in the landscape, a great pleasure for people with a passion for nature.


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