Accommodation and Food Services

  Accommodation and Food Services

Accommodation and Transportation Centre

Shero Meda (Shiromeda) Community

Sheromeda (Shiromeda), by its proximity, is a suitable base for excursions - easily seen just above the bottom line of the satellite image with its weathered Park map. Hence, the nearest location to the guest houses, hotels, and amenities for tourism is the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) community. However, this community is extensive, with its central station just below the Park's threshold. Furthermore, this community's possibilities for accommodations include an extent clearly south, north and east of this Shero Meda (Shiromeda) indication on this satellite image.

Accommodation Towards the Mountain

 North of Shero Meda (Shiromeda)

The northern hillside of the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) district offers some itineraries and accommodations within a mile or more to the north and east of the Shero Meda's (Shiromeda's) central community. A brief outline of this satellite image and the map above show just north of Shero Meda (Shiromeda) the location of a few upper connections between the roads to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and Entoto Maryam (43), hence giving a creative choice of routes towards the Park. However, on the mountain above Shero Meda is Entoto Park (Z), with many newly inaugurated and completely exceptional facilities with further possibilities for wilderness lodging accommodations.

Guest Houses, Hotels and Restaurants

Further Map Information
Accommodations Towards the Mountain.

Continuing up to the mountain massif and Entoto Natural Park, this offers an exclusive selection of accommodations. As the area is in progress, it is an excellent opportunity for restaurants and cafes in Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and even hotels up to some miles north and east of Shero Meda's (Shiromeda) centre, as shown in the satellite image with its map at the head.

Shero Meda (Shiromeda) - Central Station for Bus and Taxi
Shero Meda (Shiromeda) also allows the most convenient access to Entoto Maryam (43) on Entoto's plateau. Furthermore, the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) community in the northern district of the Capital offers a central station for taxi and bus services to Entoto Park (Z), Entoto Maryam (43) and Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). However, the town and station Shero Meda are close enough to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) to offer a pleasant walk to Entoto Natural Park.

Entoto EECMY Guesthouse

Entoto EECMY Guesthouse is in Shero Meda (Shiromeda) within the Capital's northern outskirts. This society also constitutes the central station for the north hillside of the Capital and includes regular arriving taxi and bus services to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1), Entoto Maryam (43) and Entoto Park (Z). However, the town and station Shero Meda are close enough to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) to offer an excellent 20-minute walk to the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) and its adorable little mountain town (1) just at one captivating entrance to Entoto Natural Park. 

Address: Google Maps
This Entoto EECMY Guesthouse is appropriate for devoted nature people and young families needing care and security. Therefore, alcohol and smoking are not allowed in this Guesthouse. 
Telephone Numbers: Amharic speakers: 00251 (0)911437188
English speakers: 00251 (0)911087625  Address: Google Maps


[Caution] - Wild Animals

Alerts with Alcohol and Intoxication

Absolute Caution with Injuries Caused by Liquor
in the Park's wilderness and contact with
 the native Ethiopian wildlife
  Campground On the High Plateau  

  Wagra Hotel, Shero Meda (Shiromeda)  

  Kuriftu πΊπ‘™π‘Žπ‘šπ‘π‘–π‘›π‘”  

Best Western Plus Pearl Addis

Entoto Kidane Mehret Sanctuary and Town 

Preserved Elevated Protectorate

Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) society is probably best described as a mysteriously beautiful and appealing mountain town adorned with a discreetly extensive but invitingly cosy and soothing Sanctuary (32). Still, the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) should be described more precisely as a profoundly dedicated religious Sanctuary and Protectorate of Nature and Inhabitants. Entoto Kidane Mehret's Sanctuary (32) has been a religious protectorate of Nature for a long time, thus gaining unique and profound protection deeply associated with spiritual devotion and conviction. However, hotels and guesthouses still need to be included, which means that most of the well-established accommodations for tourism are near the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) community within 20 minutes walking distance to Entoto Kidaneor located at Entoto Park (Z).


Entoto Kidane Mehret [1]

Entoto Kidane Mehret is where an ardour appears to stay
extended for a while, well embraced by this refreshing
roof of high, fragrant and native Juniper trees. These
trees from antiquity delicately delimit this shrine's
interior courtyard in a private walled setting,
Delivering this adorable Sanctuary.
Community (1), Sanctuary (32), and Sacred Water (31)
Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) as a choice for a more historical base for further exploration within the wilderness and canyon routes of the Park is natural because both municipal buses and taxis regularly have this place as the final location. (Photo to the right by Narnia)

Entoto Kidane Mehret (Restaurant): Enat Kurs Bet
Phone: +251 091 118 4581
Entoto Kidane Mehret (Restaurant): Yoassiad Bistro
Phone: +251 091 167 5832

The Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret -

Facilities & Store for Picnic Provisions [1]

For the picnic's needs, a store is located at Entoto Kidane Mehret Sanctuary (32) and community (1). The public coaches and taxis frequently come to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) before they turn downhill. They soon arrive at the Shero Meda (Shiromeda) station and society and further to the central part of the Capital. This unique town's structure creates here a harmonic embrace of the extensive and impressive Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32), Monastery and Sacred Water Source (31), Juniperus procera Forest (indigenous) 30.

Amenity Facilities and Public Bathrooms

When visiting the Park, it's important to remember that the care and Nature demanded its top priority; as a result, constructing bathrooms and other sanitary facilities that meet high standards may still need to be completed on the planning schedule for the Park. But don't worry because plenty of entertaining activities, restaurants, and accommodations are available within the Park to cater to your every preference. With patience and time, the Park works hard to build beautiful and convenient facilities throughout its contact with amusement activities.

Entoto Maryam Church (43)

A Historic Site on the High Plateau

Entoto Maryam (43), the old Capital's central area, is on this historical mountain's high table. Furthermore, the historical site of Entoto Maryam (43), with its museum and palace, rises just above Entoto Park [Z] and on the same mountain road.

The Landscape of Entoto Maryam.
After passing all the fascinating facilities of Entoto Park [Z], Entoto Maryam (43) dominates just above and allures to a vast high plateau. Except for the historic and quaint mountain town with restaurants, this high plateau offers surprisingly gentle terrain.


The Former Capital's Location

With Museum, Restaurants and Palace

Google Maps: Palace Of Emperor Minilik and
 Empress Taitu 1883.
Entoto Maryam (Restaurant): Weynishet Kurs Bet
Phone: +251 091 182 5070
Entoto Maryam (Restaurant): Kelemua Kurs
Phone: +251 011 380  164

With accessible trails, this high plateau offers surprisingly gentle terrain in reasonably close contact with great views over the landscape beneath, including the fashionable and cultural facilities with activities of Entoto Park (Z). Within this magnificent highland landscape, Entoto Maryam (43) dominates just above Entoto Park (Z); thus, its high altitude attracts the exploration of this vast high plateau. Except for the historic and quaint mountain town of Entoto Maryam (43), with restaurants, museums, and a Palace, this highland location offers a peaceful undulated landscape with well-accessible trails. Except for this site's gentle and graceful promenade landscape, a terrain vehicle can reasonably come in close contact with the most sights and activities. (Photo to the right by David Stanley) 

Entoto Natural Park's 

Highland  Landscape 

Google Maps - Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)
Geographical Situation
Addis Ababa is situated 9° north of the equator in central Ethiopia. There is a splendid outlook over the sprawling city and five high solitary mountains from several spots, from the southwest to the southeast (Menagesha, Wachecha, Furi Zukuala and Yerer). Entoto Natural Park's area extends from the northern outskirts of the Capital. Thus, Entoto Natural Park reveals its captivating and grand mountainous landscape at an altitude of  2 600m and further north over the mountain above 3,000 m.

The High Plateau's Mountain Crest

With Grandiose Landscape Views
Facing north from the top ridge, one looks out over vast plains towards Sululta and some bare mountains. The mountain ridge on which the Park is located constitutes a big water divider. The northern slope drains into the Blue Nile, and the precipitation from the southern slope ends up in the Awash River. (HΓ₯kan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

Entoto Park Main Entrance - Entoto Park (Z)

The Citadel of Dreams and Adventures

The historical Entoto mountain massif now includes the newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z), inviting the entire family to enjoy pleasant leisure with gardens or explore many highly inspiring activities. The Capital is immediate here but surprisingly remote through the site's elevated rocky ledge. Overwhelming in the impressions of luxury accommodations, Entoto Park's (Z) entertaining activities are extensively within art and culture facilities. Here, the landscape's high drama constitutes the adventure's core incredibly close, with breathtaking miles of mountain ranges and dagger-deep ravines.

The Main Entrance

 Seductively Cosy Mountain Palaces

Entoto Park (Z) 's relaxing activities capture the family's fundamental need for dramatic adventures in many respects. Yet, this Park is a golden gateway, intriguing and alluring, stimulating the exploration of the Ethiopian Highland's unknown wilderness. In many respects, Entoto Park (Z) offers a wide area for any taste or interest where the relaxing activities within the Park capture the family's need for dramatic adventures. Overwhelming in the impressions of luxury accommodations, Entoto Park's (Z) entertaining activities are extensively within art and culture facilities. In many respects, Entoto Park (Z) offers a wide area for any taste or interest where the relaxing activities within the Park capture the family's need for dramatic adventures.

Entoto Park Main Entrance

Activities, Culture & Entertainment (Z)

Google Images
A Highland Park Of Grandeur and Pleasure 
Dramatically elevated buildings constitute the new Entoto Park (Z) and form impressive mountain dwellings for the whole family's interest in comfort and high-spirited culture. The dramatic and historical Entoto mountain massif now includes the newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z), inviting the entire family to enjoy pleasant leisure with gardens or explore many inspiring activities.

A Centre for Amusements and Culture
Except for the landscape's high drama, which constitutes the adventure's core, this centre for amusements and cultural activities is also incredibly close to breathtaking miles of mountain ranges and dagger-deep ravines; the Capital and its high mountain park are genuinely unique globally, and thus provide the basis for including many types of Nature activities and amusements.

The Mystique of Nature and its Secret Legacy

The magnificence of Entoto's mountain massif allures with its proximity to Nature's phenomenon and delivers this unique opportunity to explore. This mountain gate fulfils pleasure, culture, and an eager will for creative investigation in the background of the world's mighty and challenging enigmas, yet attractively shown in an enchanting Nature Park within the foundation of the world's ground pillars. Thus, their scientific background delivers a captivating understanding for the family about creating natural and healthy water and other vital biological processes. This irresistible academy of the evolutionary past appears thanks to the Park's grande surroundings of facilities where the compelling search for the forgotten legacy of humankind's fundamental sources of health becomes well accommodated with these cultural activities, family-friendly restaurants, and cosy lodge accommodations.


𝑆𝑒𝑐𝑙𝑒𝑑𝑒𝑑 πΊπ‘™π‘Žπ‘šπ‘π‘–π‘›π‘” π΄π‘π‘π‘œπ‘šπ‘šπ‘œπ‘‘π‘Žπ‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘›π‘ 

The grande beauty of the cosily lush Entoto Forest offers an alternative hospitality experience. The traditionally sourced materials serve to construct and furnish the presidential cabin and the interior of the glamping facilities, placing guests in a natural setting to relax and savour the peace simply.


Schools & Associations, Campground

Touring Companies & Guides


Information, Location and Map Points

Entoto Kidane Mehret Church and Community

Although this rock-based Sanctuary (32) and society (1) towers within the Capital's northern boundaries and mountain massifs, it seems exceptionally preserved and, well above all, stressful whims. Furthermore, this Church and Monastery are astonishingly hidden, tucked into the mountain massif rising shoulder where perception arises very soon. Therefore, be careful because precipices and gullies take over immediately when you move away from a bit of a piece of this remarkable protective town.

The Park's and the Capital's Togetherness

The lower part of the Park adjoins Addis Ababa's northern outskirts. The district is known as Shero Meda (Shiromeda). Coming from the central parts of the city, Entoto Avenue leads up to the school of Kuskuam in the north of Shero Meda and further along the border of the Park to the Church of Entoto Maryam (HΓ₯kan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

Z. Entoto Park (Inquiries)

The New Facilities of Entoto Park (Z)

The facilities and amusements of Entoto Park (Z) are located just below the Entoto Maryam (43). These newly built facilities should inform the regulations for special open hours of this modern and extended centre for Entertainment, Culture, Art, sports activities and Breathtaking Highland Nature and mountains. However, the freshly made Entoto Park is in its first phase of organizational development, and it is challenging to give personal service time. However, there are probably conditions for direct contact with restaurants at this newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z). 

Ethiopia Tourism

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Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)
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Entoto Park (Z)

Main Entrance
Google Maps:

45. Beka Ferda Ranch
Horseback riding service
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Entoto Park (Z) (Inquiries):

Entoto Kidane Mehret (1)

[ Free ]  

[ Entrance Fee ]

The entrance to Entoto Natural Park is free, but the outside parking fee is 25 - 40 birr per hour if you're coming in your car. However, although the Park's Nature is free to visit, Entoto Park Gate Z's entertainment and amusement activities are usually accessible for a fee. Furthermore, as tourist visitors, remember your ID card or passport.

There is a specific selection of entrances to the different areas of the Park, with either unique amusements or Nature types, and their purpose is to promote the visitors' interests and enjoyment. These specific enticing choices here include very relaxing activities as well as more wild or cultural activities. This extensive selection is essential and follows both the family's and Nature's way of expressing a desire for health through attractive diversity.

 Google Maps: Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32) Community (1) 


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