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The Wild Forest of the Ancient

The Wild Forest of the Ancient The Wild and Fertile Forest from the Ancient Era 40. ** Caution - Enchanting Forest to the East of View-point (16), However, this forest is somewhat enchanting, and as the paths end beyond its boundary, this can cause great difficulty for orientation. This original forest is captivatingly wild and consist of these more than 50 years old indigenous Juniperus procera trees that provide a unique contact to nature with somewhat exotic primaeval lushness and a great surprise, beyond what a visitor would usually expect in such proximity to the Capital. This native Juniper woodland (40) is massive in its appearance and stunning in vitality, with a perfect, lush and dense undergrowth. The Capital Below the Mist of Horizon Very remote appears now vaguely these civilization's settlements here from the elevated location on the high plateau. Among these enchanted juniper hills and hidden paths, the dreams of pure nature are offered by almost every v

Activities and Recreation

Activities and Recreation The possibilities for activities are very extensive, but in the centre stands the unique nature that through the dramatic terrain clearly offers a wide range of activities. Regarding events for the physically active and sporty, there are limitations in that the area is a bit difficult in the vast and dramatic landscape. Learning about this vast area and its possibilities often require more time than the active can boast. Therefore map and specific points can offer a quick way to find highlights within half an hour's walk from Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). Those who want to get a lot of pleasures without demanding efforts of any mountain hike offer the opportunity instead to choose public transport (taxi). By this regular taxi, the route offers easy transportation along the mountain's side that reaches Entoto Park (Z) and within short to the vast high plateau that extends around Entoto Maryam (43) and its society. 

A Garden of Health & Prosperity

A Garden of Health & Prosperity         BACKGROUND OF THE ENTOTO-NATURAL-PARK PROJECT 1.1    The Situation    (Date: 1995) The capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, lacks public parks for its growing number of citizens. At an alarming rate, the peri-urban sites are converted into town. There is no national park demonstrating Ethiopian nature in the vicinity of the capital, and the surrounding countryside contains only farmland or tree plantations. There is an urgent need for at least one significant area where the urban population can spend periods of rest in a natural, clean and unspoiled surroundings, among greenery and fresh air. 1.2      The Problem When the population density in a city increases rapidly during a short period of time, it gives immediate effects on the natural resources around the town. This is what has happened in Addis Ababa, where the massive demand for biomass as an energy source has deteriorated the peri-urban forests. Indigenous tree species hav