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Direction Map to the Alluring Past

Direction Map to the Alluring Past T he C elestial D reams' F orgotten L andscape Bees' Cliff 14 requires Caution in the Canyon but assists with the wide map loop surrounding the gentle and fascinating tributary 36 to the Canyon and 41-42. Activities and Recreation The Path to the Gorgeous River-Dell The hidden path between the Sanctuary and the gorge runs attractively behind Entoto Kidane Mehret  (32)  in a concealed curve below its wall and passes through a small part of the village before the path   (5)  opens along a deep ravine and finishes with a downhill towards a traditional bridge. This bridge crossing over the sculptural gorge within the valley [ A ] with the cosy picnic source  (19)  is also the natural start for more dramatic hikes towards the high plateau by the first passing point (37) or (19). Entoto Kidane Mehret's Valley [A]   Shops for Picnics and Adventures The most necessary parts of the park's experience, such as picnics and candy shops, are across

The Wild Forest of the Ancient

The Wild Forest of the Ancient The Wild and Fertile Forest from the Ancient Era. The Capital Below the Mist of Horizon Very remote vaguely appears, these civilizations settlements here from the elevated location on the outer rim of the high plateau (16) . Among these enchanted juniper hills and hidden paths, dreams of pure nature are offered by almost every view, also in the mighty abyss and canyon's uphill adventure. The stunning location of these described rock pools (14) is near. Still, this mysteriously secluded gorge with its seductive twilight paths is even closer, where its pathways first gently rise from (B) towards the tributary creek  (36) within the loop (14) . These natural baths and pools above Bees' Cliff  (14) and their sheer proximity by cliffhanging high over the abyss constitute a surprisingly adventurous, beautiful picnic place. However, the site is equally breathtakingly beautiful and thrillingly dramatic since it includes the shocking intro