Activities and Recreation

Activities and Recreation

A Park of Serenity and Resounding Joy

Entoto Natural Park is a unique place to discover the most breathtaking ancient mountain nature with streams flowing from clear springs and waterfalls. Surprises here are regular with both exciting places for relaxation and fantastic water activities. Winding streams here gently curl and are then hidden mysteriously in high stone arches. Enclosed by Junipers' fragrance, the view of the Capital opens up in delight through dizzying ravines and waterfalls. Experience the Park with its ability to produce a genuine and powerful creative joy where many families can reunite and rejoice in being free from stress and regaining health and create irresistible inspiration.

  • The possibilities for activities are extensive, including entertainment (Z), but in the centre stands the unique Nature that offers a wide range of activities through the dramatic terrain.
  • Regarding events for the physically active and sporty, there are limitations in that the area is a bit difficult in the vast and dramatic landscape.

  • Learning about this vast area and its possibilities often require more time than the active can boast. Therefore map and specific points can offer a quick way to find highlights within half an hour's walk from Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32).
  • Those who want to get many pleasures without the arduous effort of any mountain hike offer the opportunity to choose public transport (taxi) instead. By this regular taxi, the route offers easy transportation along the mountain's side that reaches Entoto Park (Z) and within short to the vast high plateau that extends around Entoto Maryam (43) and its society.

    • Entoto Maryam (43) is the location for the old Capital with both museums and historic buildings. This historic site of the previous Capital offers unique architecture and an excellent opportunity for leisurely walks. This place is charmingly convenient in every direction, with traditional facilities at this historic mountain crest and mountain plateau with its former Capital.
    • The sights and activities that otherwise are the most often described with their starting point from the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32), including its society (1), can be pretty challenging hiking if the purpose is to reach the nearest outer rim of the high plateau at the points (14 - 16). Therefore, caution should follow the choice of the hiking adventure, and this includes both the demanding rather steep rising terrain and a very high degree of the thin highland air.
    • The dramatic and historical Entoto mountain massif includes now the newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z), inviting the entire family's expectations to spend time in the pleasant leisure with gardens or exploring many highly inspiring activities. Here, the landscape's high drama constitutes the adventure's core to be incredibly close with breathtaking miles of mountain ranges and dagger-deep ravines. The Capital is immediate here but still surprisingly remote through the site's elevated rocky ledge.
    • Thus, Entoto Maryam (43), the old Capital's central area, is located on this historical mountain's high table. Furthermore, the historical site of Entoto Maryam (43) rises just above Entoto Park [Z] and on the same mountain road. After passing all the fascinating facilities of Entoto Park [Z], Entoto Maryam (43) dominates just above and allure to a vast high plateau. Except for the historic and quaint mountain town with restaurants, this high plateau offers surprisingly gentle terrain. A highland with a peaceful undulated landscape is evident, accessible trails where a terrain vehicle can reasonably close contact with the most sights and activities.

    • However, this choice of a more transport-convenient starting point from Entoto Maryam (43) will also result in a considerable loss of the unique natural drama that hides in the mountain slopes above Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). This reduction in the wilderness direct nature drama at Entoto Maryam (43) is due to the thoughtfully longing experiences for the natural views of the breathtakingly inviting canyon (35) that rises from Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). These overwhelming but refreshing paths are stunningly beautiful and reach gently steep hikes from the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) and Entoto's southern slopes. Along the dizzying ravines, they finally reach the outermost threshold of the high plateau at Bees' Cliff (14).


    • Note that the mountain range is vast, and the family on an excursion should avoid the tiring adventures tours beyond the line of sight over the landscape of the mountain range. This caution observance in the family's daily route regards the family's well-being and pleasure due to the demanding terrain. Therefore, Do Not Combine the family today's new mountain adventure on the same day with tiring and exhausting fluttering trips between Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and Entoto Park (Z), including Entoto Maryam 43. This caution is crucial because the impressions from each place are just at the upper limits of what a person can muster.

    The Enchanting Valley of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32)

    Detailed Description of the Hiking Trails
    Among Purging Water & Seductive Rocks.

    Here beneath the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) are the full experiences of the open valley above this sculptural gully and the river in its fascinating formations in complete contact. This dramatically graceful and sculptural valley beneath the elevated rock sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) initiates a very gentle beginning of the Park. This valley, just above the sculptural gully, is the location of these pathways towards many types of activities.

    The gateway to adventure and serene dreams.
    This valley underneath and to the right of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) offers paths for many very completely enchanting choices. The bridge crossing here is enticingly cosy and in close contact with the mountain, Although the beauty of the gully attracts waiting in pleasure, to not risk losing the scene but in a spiritual sense to remain in harmony and fully allow the mind to engulf its sculptural grace.

    A graceful invitation to the waiting adventures

    The purging waterways and their seductively curved river-banks cliffs start below Entoto Kidane Mehret (32), with attractive options for the continued hiking adventure. Well fragrant and aesthetically unforgettably sensual are these paths from Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley (32), marked in the map below as square [A]. This valley with its water-dell is initially more like a gorge just next to the track (5) but soon becomes gentle and sculptural at the bridge crossing. With this graceful landscape of adorable river gullies, the river's vertical cliff-side soon rises towards breathtakingly sublime heights in the scene of waterfalls and aesthetically unforgettable dream paths.

    Seasons for Hiking and Months for Weather Protection

    Water: There must be water available all year round, and most of the brooks dry out sometime during a year. There are, however, a few springs within the Park area, providing water for all seasons.
    Rain Season: There are two rainy seasons per year, the minor rains from March to May and the big rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew, 1988).

    The Meandering Streams Above Bees' Cliff

      Bees' Cliff - A rock dwelling beyond time
    Photographs of Mountain Brooks and Waterfall.
    These photos of water-filled streams and cascading waterfalls are all shot just above Bees' Cliff (14) at Entoto's southern highland plateau - from early October to the beginning of November. It has at the time for all of these active water sports photographs passed about one to two months since the long rain season ended, and it's thereby only purging spring water that fills the waterways.

    Seasons for Swimming or Hiking
    Despite the period passed from these photos opportunities and the last rains are over a month, it is still a great asset of bath and fresh spring water flow on the higher ground of Entoto. But maybe for those some hilarious adventures, it would have been even more suitable if they had occurred a month earlier and thus offered even more fun spontaneous bath activities.

    A Great Wildlife View with the Meandering streams.

    This place is the invitation to the high plateau, shown in the map between Bees' Cliff (14) and the wading site with its brook ford (41- 42). Magnificently beautiful, this place appears, shown in the picture just above, with a great panorama view over the meandering stream and many characters in the landscape. When the scene turns south, the abyss Bees' Cliff (14), the ravine, is very close, where the river's further gorge meandering (35) becomes intuitively felt through the profound cooling airflow rising from the unknown abyss below the field of view. Especially startling here is, therefore, the location of this place, the tributary (36), which invites a careful study of Hyenas that much appreciate the site's freshness and natural wealth.

    The Deep Spatial Nature Dream

    Wildlife, Canyon and Meandering Streams
    By echoes from the past, hiking here is an exciting and mysterious experience that triggers forgotten and prehistoric abilities that have been genetically dormant sleeping within the most precious heritage since the human's profoundly ancient times. Thereby, the most inspiring joy and health factors of the population's DNA find their source and the pleasure of their being becomes activated.

    Close Encounter With Playing Baboon Families.
    While this place is unique in many ways, there are also prudent reservations about the impact people can exert on its Nature. Because this site contains what is desirable for people and wildlife, the result is that a conflict of interest and living space can occur.

    The high plateau, its brook, wade and ford crossing (41-42)

    This is the beginning of the high plateau where invitingly gentle cliff formations offer this picturesque wade across the stream (35), thus giving the entrance to the path (42) towards Entoto Natural Park (Nursery). This ford crossing usually permits dry rock to wade over to the west side of the meandering stream. This direction passes just a little besides the natural pools above Bees' Cliff  (14) and then further north through an open forest before arriving at the Nursery (34).

    The meandering stream of the high plateau 

    This brook represents just here the separation between the eroded road (41) and the continuing trail (42) towards Entoto Natural Park (Nursery). The waterfall at Bees' Cliff  (14) and its hidden vaults are recalled here very close, but the enticing first contact with the scene is yet the gentle stairway of natural rock pools.  When gazing further down from the high altitude of Bees' Cliff, the canyon delivers a dreamlike reminiscent fragrant hint of this Nature's serenity while it, far below the curtains of the morning's mysterious veils, reveals the Sanctuary of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) and the Capital.

    Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley

    Natural Beauty & Picnics [A]

    Further Description of the Hiking Paths
    A. The Character of Entoto Kidane Mehret's valley.
    The square [A] serves as a directed and facilitating figure to more easily find points (5), (22), and (37). This figure [A] configure the outer borders of the valley [A] that constitute the deep and captivating, and sculptural gully of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32).  This area [A] is the beginning of most of the following hiking trails described.

    B. The Invitation to the crossroad of wilderness.
    The still gently upward hike shown within the circle (B) includes the points (35), (38), (39) and constitutes both a crossroads of somewhat wild paths but also a beautiful rise in a ledge of some metres threshold. This crossroads is located just to the right of point (38)* (Caution) - (B), but regardless of the choice of the hiking paths within the loop point (B), all of these will soon contact the continued walk towards higher positions.

    The Map square [A] with its 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐝𝐠𝐞 𝐜𝐫𝐨𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐭𝐬 𝐠𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐲

    The valley [A] is located just down the eastern hillside after passing Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) and the Sanctuary (32). This somewhat hidden path is an invitational route with many following options and constituted of a concealed way (5) and by a bridge (22) just some steps downhill of the Sanctuary (32). Further, this valley [A] invites gentle walks towards the family picnic and games at the Italian reservoir (19). This underground water technology (19) is easily reached by a gentle undulated and charmingly curved path just at the foot of the mountain and to the square's right [A]. The bridge crossing here (22) is also the natural path for those who want a more dramatic hike towards the high plateau by the first passing point (37), just a few steps upward on the left side.

    16. An Ideal Place for the Well-Equipped Family

    Description of the High View Point (16)
    The high plateau ledge (16) provides pleasant resting places for picnics in social tranquillity, which rejoices both the children's spontaneity and those with weekend's vacancy. In pure natural relaxation or incurious studying, this place delivers for them all. The pristine original Nature offers a dreamlike landscape and a fun entertainment place in one and the same high plateau.

    A high plateau view of striking beauty and relaxing tranquillity

    This serene beauty at view-point (16) is delicately facilitated by the high point of view, even over the mist-veiled Capital. Much closer, the inviting native Nature of farmhouse (39) within map circle (B) is reminded and not far below even the chanting walls of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32).

    The Valley of Entoto Kidane Mehret and its River-dell

    The valley bottom within the square [A] shown in the map just above is very near and downhill when passing through the community of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). The scenery is very inviting, with a brook passing by and a few charming cottages some steps toward the mountainside. The canyon with its stream (35) is in many ways assisting the orientation in the landscape, characterizing the dramatic views in the landscape of both hidden cliff formations and charmingly lofty uphill trails. Thus, this sculptural canyon (35) is an excellent assistant for direction for the most hiking paths up to the high plateau.

    Picnics and 
    Spring Water to the Capital

    𝐓𝐡𝐞 Cautious 𝐂𝐡𝐨𝐢𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐨𝐫 the young 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐬 (𝟏𝟗)

    During the regular rain season, it,s therefore appropriate to enjoy the pleasant and sunny day hours by enjoying the beautifully undulated promenade within a delightful valley and its enchantingly sculptural river-dell. To reach the Italian built spring water facility (19) is within these requirements and therefore an excellent choice for most activities and nature interests. Entoto Kidane Mehret's inhabitants are bringing their household water from this source. Thus, the company is apparent by playing children and people fetching quantities of water to their homes.

    Picnic and play for the young family.

    An excellent and cosy invitation to gain an initial practical view of underground reservoirs, water technologies and a comfortable little walk within the valley [A] is obtained just to the right of the bridge (22) at Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). This place also offers an ideal little excursion for the young family on picnics where they can enjoy an open grass pitch offering all kinds of games, which is right beneath the start of the breathtakingly beautiful mountain. In secrecy, just at the foundation of the rising hillside is the Italian aquifer tapping construction (19), where its concealed guise appears pleasantly discrete beneath the landscape. Thus, this mountain water and its belonging technology allure and intrigue here and very near in its labyrinth of waterways of hidden guise but at the same time alluringly close for exploration.

    The suitable adventure during the rainy season

    While this site (19) offers this required, convenient and exciting beauty and the fact that the tempests usually follow a bound rhythm, its experience in beautiful, cosy daily hours can be both an appealing and irresistible occurrence. However, this rain season adventure provides a conscious behaviour to return the short distance to Entoto Kidane Mehret (1) in time before the next thunderstorm.

    Adventure above the Abyss

    Grandiose Waterfall and Secret Rock Vault

    [CAUTION] - Precautionary Commitments

    **CAUTION - Bees' Cliff (14)

    Bees' Cliff constitutes a hidden, unknown void, which can become a real danger and, further, does not allow direct, easy proximity from either the east or the west side of the gorge's slopes. These precipitous cliff sides are so seriously too steep that all visual contacts towards the bottom of the abyss are impossible.

    14. **Enchanting Lush Attractions Above the Abyss.
    In all their Nature, a multi-dimensional, graceful beauty is nevertheless a false invitation of safety delivered. Through this deceiving natural trickery, the eastern canyon's slope gives an impression of invitingly lush beauty but a treacherous one with a fertile green breathtaking threshold, hiding a shocking void.

    Comfortable and Pleasant Hiking Trails

    The contact with this old mountain massif becomes evident as it dominates very closely with its southern hillside. Entoto's rising shoulder is here apparent. The captivating river-dell with the gully and its valley [A] just beneath Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) presents a landscape with genuinely enticing impressions of graceful and enchanting adventures. This ancient highland mountain with its remote high plateau of authentic old serenity lure here intriguingly. It towers in alluring contact on the opposite side of Entoto Kidane Mehret and its seductive polished rock-gully bottom (22) - [A].

    The Rising Shoulder of Entoto's Massif

    Here the trails follow a clear direction up to Entoto's high plateau. Furthermore, they include all of these exciting and surprisingly attractive paths along the eastern slope of the river bank (B); they are effortless to follow in the landscape. This visible clarity in the appearance and selection of trails is apparent here, thanks to the attractive overview of the sculptural introduction towards this very family-friendly gorge (35) - (B).

    [CAUTION] - A Mountain of Ordeals

    [CAUTION] - A Mountain of Ordeals
    and Grandiose Beauty
    The mountain's mighty hillside initiates the first steps of Entoto's threshold and rises majestically over the southern slope. In profound veneration of reverence, it appears to any visitors as it towers above relatively high altitude. Caution is, therefore, an essential foundation for preparation because the mountain's rise is quite demanding for visitors with otherwise healthy activities from lowland experience.

    Towards the Fresh Well-Fragrance of Highland.
    Despite this somewhat harsh highland air, the hiking is captivating and comfortable but requires regular rest and is essential to drink regularly from the brought-with and rugged water bottle. However, here underneath in the valley [A] and just after the handcrafted bridge rises the mountain's slope towards Entoto's high plateau continuously upwards towards secret places of pure serenity, often with views of breathtakingly beautiful heights.

    A Guiding Canyon Deliver Path Assistance.
    The open and pleasant contact with the lush hillside of these riverbanks towards the river (35) - (B) and its mysterious twilight cleft is apparent and an excellent place for the well-equipped family. To appreciate this canyon is unforgettable, even thrilling in adventures and often with the most pleasant magical mountain views where cosy picnics places offer an utterly captivating nature.

    35 - (B) Season Limited Creek Hiking 
    This dry creek bed hiking can be an exhilarating experience. The shadows fall mysterious in pesky creatures from the past and concealed cliff space just waiting for the action in a somewhat overwhelming flow of impressions. Observe, the hiking directly in the dry brook bed is only possible if it has elapsed some months since the last rainy season but then offers adventure experiences unique to those who may have the courage to surprise a pleasant strenuous Hyena.

    The Concealed Path of Entoto Kidane Mehret.

    Hidden behind Entoto Kidane Mehret (32), this path makes a concealed curve below its walls. It passes through a small part of the village before the way (5) opens along a deep ravine and finishes downhill towards a traditional downhill bridge. Here the view opens in a somewhat dramatic beauty with an irresistible, cosy river-dell where the children play, and laundry dries on the inviting soft, clean, polished rock bed. Thus, this place is an appealing beauty to appreciate the first steps on the bridge below Entoto Kidane Mehret (32).

    Safety Preparations & Unique Adventures

    Qualifications and care are necessary as the hiking trails are either unusually varied or dramatic in their diversity propagation up to Entoto's high plateau. No concealed walk in the dry creek bed should be done without company, depending on the possible risk of injury, fatigue, or heart fragility. Still, at least one more person requires in this type of concealed seasonal hiking. At least two litres of water per person in unbreakable bottles is a minimum for these Highlands adventures to Bees' Cliff.

    The close encounter with wild Hyena

    By echoes from the past, hiking here becomes an exciting and mysterious experience that appears to trigger forgotten abilities who have been genetically dormant sleeping since many profoundly ancient times. Especially startling here is, therefore, the location of this place, the tributary (36), which invites a careful study of Hyenas that much appreciate the site's freshness and natural wealth.

    Harmonic Currents Along the River

    Since all streams around Entoto run up within a short distance to the highest part of the plateau, there is no risk of being surprised by far and accumulated sudden river flow from an unknown range. There is no known weakness in the deep rock pools that could constitute a magazine water mass just waiting to break through a weak point in the cliff bottom.

    However, be careful and expect even the worse type of scenario because the animals are wild. Also, the most reliable rock will break if lousy luck and a very rare and significant earthquake are coincident.

    Adventure History
    "Entoto's climate during the rainy season was moreover far from pleasant, for it suffered from many storms. A French traveller, Jules Borelli, states that it was a place of much lightning, thunder and fog. At the same time, his compatriot, Charles Michel, remarked that ''exposed to the wind, difficult of access, and without drinking water'' (Ibid, p.103)

    See photos
    Entoto Park (Z)

    Entoto mountain's highland includes now an invitingly magnificent culture centre and activities that constitute the new Entoto Park (Z). This grandiose adventurous centre above the Capital forms the amazing mountain-dwelling for the whole family's interest in comforting high-spirited culture.

    Thus, the historical and captivating alluring Entoto mountain massif includes the newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z), inviting the entire family's expectations to spend time in the pleasant leisure with gardens, art or just exploring many highly inspiring activities.  Here, the landscape's high drama constitutes the adventure's core to be incredibly close with breathtaking miles of mountain ranges and dagger-deep ravines. 

    • The Capital is immediate here but still surprisingly remote through the site's elevated rocky ledge.  This combination of contrast with the Capital and its high mountain park is genuinely something unique globally. Thus, this mountain Park provided highly inspiring views of altitude and cultural refinement with an attraction of a magnitude to a world centre for culture, activities and research within natural sciences. 

    Culture, Adventure and Activities of Seductively Cosy Mountain Palaces. 

    In many respects, Entoto Park (Z) 's relaxing activities capture the family's fundamental need for dramatic adventures. Yet, this Park is a golden gateway, intriguing and alluring, stimulating to explore the Ethiopian Highland's unknown wilderness. Thus this majestic view of Entoto's mountain massif's original Nature, allure with its proximity to the secrets of Nature's phenomenon and here delivers this unique opportunity to explore. Concealed within the foundation of the world's ground pillars fulfils the essential purpose of creating an eager will for learning, thanks to the Park's closeness to natural science.  Thus, it delivers a captivating understanding for the family about creating natural and healthy water and other vital biological processes with their scientific background. However, this Nature's scientific context is crucial to intellectual processes that form the basis for civilizations' development.

    The New Facilities of Entoto Park (Z)

    Entoto Park (Z) (Inquiries)
    The facilities of Entoto Park (Z) are located just below the Entoto Maryam (43). These newly built facilities should inform the regulations for special open hours of this very modern and extended centre for Entertainment, Culture, Art, Sport Activities and Breathtaking Highlands views of Nature and mountains. However, the freshly made Entoto Park is in its first phase of organizational development and is challenging to give personal service time.  Despite this, there are probably conditions for direct contact with restaurants at this newly inaugurated Entoto Park (Z).

    See photos 

    Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)
    Google Maps:

    Entoto Park (Z)
    Main Entrance
    Google Maps:

    45. Beka Ferda Ranch
    Horseback riding service
    Google Maps:

    Entoto Park (Z)  (Inquiries)

    Entoto Kidane Mehret (1)

    Entoto Maryam (43)

    There is a specific selection of entrances to the different areas of the Park, with their unique nature types, and their purpose is to promote the visitors' interests and enjoyment. These specific enticing choices here include both very relaxing activities but also more wild or cultural. This extensive selection is essential and follows both the family's and nature's way of expressing a desire for health through attractive diversity.


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