Bees' Cliff - (CAUTION)

Bees' Cliff - (CAUTION)

14.**Enchanting Lush Attractions Above the Abyss

  • Bees' Cliff constitutes a hidden, unknown void, which can become a real danger and does not allow direct, easy proximity from either the east or the west side of the gorge's slopes.

  • These precipitous cliff sides are so seriously too steep that all visual contact towards the abyss's bottom is impossible, except for the staggering view within the concealed vault of the waterfall.

  • In all expressions of its nature, as a multi-dimensional beauty, it's despite all; nevertheless, a false invitation of security is delivered through the surrounding nature's grandiose lush veil of Bees' Cliff (14). This treacherous danger includes even any hiking within the depth bottom of the Canyon (35), but this case of alert is only apparent after point (36) towards (14). [See the see map below]

  • Due to this alluring beauty, a deceivingly natural trickery is delivered. The easter canyon's slope gives an impression of inviting lush beauty but is treacherous, with a fertile green threshold hiding a shocking void.   

  • Although this remarkable rock vault and bath is the most entertaining of wild places, it is fatal during rainy seasons without any possibility of a positive outcome.

** [CAUTION] - Wild Bees and Children

Direction Map to the Alluring Past
The Attraction with Privacy of Wildlife.

Although Bees' Cliff (14) is an inviting but dramatic natural rock formation, it's certainly not without danger and hazardous circumstances. Anyway, problems can occur in wildlife if the visiting people do not respect the demand for wildlife privacy. These cautious evaluations may include both Hyenas and Baboon. Although animal aggression would be very unusual, they usually flee immediately in direct contact with humans.

The Danger with Wildlife.
Concerning hyenas and baboons, it is not unlikely that these could become dangerous if seriously provoked in a distressing situation. In addition, the probability of danger increases if these animals believe that their young are threatened, for example, by a person accidentally treating the animal's young as a cuddly pet. It is, therefore, appropriate to back away if a young animal seeks contact.

The Caution of Attacking Bees

There are frequent occasions worldwide when children throw stones into high-lying wild bee communities, thereby provocating the beehives to attack other innocent hikers or tourists. Therefore, pay attention to these busy young children because they can, with typical mischievous behaviour, even start a bee swarm's aggressiveness by stone-throwing from the opposite side of the Canyon. However, Bees' challenge is hazardous because these attacks are unexpectedly aggressive and often have serious consequences. 

14. Waterfalls and Hidden Arches.

The gorge under Bees' Cliff is a breakthrough deep and creates hidden mountain arches and deep baths behind Juniper trees before its fall. The paths up to Bees' Cliff (14) offer several options; the northern hillside of  (36), (38 -39) - (15-16) and (41), where Podocarpus and Juniper trees give strong reason to consider both vegetation and purging water.

The photograph of the Waterfall and its Abyss.

Spring Water Among Waterfalls
The Bath and Vault of the Waterfall.
The actual waterfall and the abyss are still hidden but respectfully close here, only some metres behind the view of the bath photo. However, this lofty concealed rock vault is a real challenge, with a staggering sight and a mysteriously cosy secret rock chamber. Therefore, Caution: People with sensitivity to heights should only climb into this mountain vault if they are double-secured with harnesses and other equipment.

14. Enchanting Lush Attractions Above the Canyon.
Bees' Cliff constitutes a hidden, unknown void, which can become a real danger and does not allow direct, easy proximity from either the east or the west side of the gorge's slopes. These precipitous cliff sides are so seriously too steep that all visual contact toward the bottom of the abyss is impossible. In all their nature, a multi-dimensional, graceful beauty is nevertheless a false invitation of safety delivered. 

36.  **Very Clear Caution for Further Abyss Hiking.

Through a deceiving natural trickery, the eastern Canyon's slope between points (36) and (14) gives an impression of invitingly lush beauty but a treacherous one with a fertile green breathtaking threshold, well hiding a shocking void. Anyway, the safety boundary of the continuous path along the river's shoreline (35) indicates that this route within the cleft does not include Bees' Cliff (14) as it is visibly too steep and directly dangerous except for possible experts with safety harnesses and other equipment. This danger appears thus with clarity after passing the tributary creek (36) when walking along this river's shoreline (35). However, the return to safety is straightforward and requires only a short walk back to reach the trails on the eastern slopes of the riverbank at the point (36).

Safety Preparations & Unique Adventures.

Bees' Cliff 14 requires Caution in the Canyon but
assists by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Detailed Description of the Area
Qualifications, Care and Caution.
The precautions are necessary as the hiking trails are exceptionally varied or dramatic in their diversity propagation up to Entoto's high plateau. Caution: avoid concealed walking in the dry creek bed without company, depending on the possible risk of injury, fatigue, or heart fragility, and still demand the company of at least one more person in this type of concealed seasonal hiking and an alert regarding sudden thunderstorms with their following torrential water flow.

Caution During the Rainy Season.
However, providing careful precaution for trekking during rainy periods, the long stretches of the river's Canyon banks (35) also offer relaxation and enjoyment. The river banks and slopes of the Canyon (35) appear especially beautiful and pleasantly adventurous; after that, the path deviates and continues upward just before the old pipeline joins the reservoir of the Italian fortification (38) - (B). Albeit this site (38) attracts adventurous hikes, due care is essential since the stream within the map area (38) - (B) constitutes the actual gate for the twilight section of the Canyon and its periodically dangerous water masses.

A Multiple, Spatial Nature Dream (B) - (14)

These two streams (35) - (36) meet within the lower sector of the map circle (14), determining the demarcation of the last restricted level for further prudent canyon hike. The one who stays a little concealed between the tree trunks above the tributary creek (36) - within the lower section of the map circle (14) - can quickly get very close to rumbling and relaxed hyenas. The southern slopes of the creek  (36) are pretty steep but nonetheless offer comfortable hiking with beautiful views down over the mysterious river but still inviting open gorge to the river  (35) - (B). This attractively deep and genuine spatial site of idle creative nature creates splendid surprises in hidden prongs and open spaces with mighty slopes. At least two litres of water per person in unbreakable bottles is a minimum for these Highlands adventures to Bees' Cliff (14).

Excellent fun canyon hike towards the high plateau.

The hillside above the tributary creek (36) - see within the map loop (14) - is the last choice of a hike from the Canyon (35) to reach the high plateau (41) - (42) - see the upper map loop (14). This high plateau is initiated just above and to the right of (14) and (16). The path from the tributary creek (36) is somewhat steep but offers a relatively gentler than wild hike towards Bees' Cliff (14), and its direction uphill is along the northern hillside of this tributary gorge (36). Initially, the path above the tributary creek (36) is quite rugged, but as the plateau's threshold is very close, the walk upwards becomes less burdensome.

Dreams' Gate Towards an Unforgettable Era

A Picnic in the Abyss of  Grandeur 

A Canyon of Grandeur & Adventure

The Adventure of the Canyon's Wildlife and Abyss
The creek (36) is shown within the lower section of the map loop (14). Here, the site (36) constitutes a Canyon tributary, and with its location near the high plateau's outer rim, it's an utterly captivating site. In many ways, this creek (36) is the end station for prudent hiking, and any further adventure towards the central Canyon's upper abyss is hazardous. The freshness is apparent directly from the route's start in this small hidden gorge-creek (36), where a gentle breeze delivers pleasure with a fresh coolness in a welcoming from the Canyon below. Furthermore, this breeze invites any observer of the wildlife since it camouflages the scary smells of civilization of the visitors reaching the hyenas in the depths of the Canyon. The wildlife of this Canyon seems to choose the extraordinary beauty of this site from within this highly dramatic cliff dwelling, where the wildlife often also enjoys socializing around the beautiful pools just above Bees' Cliff (14), 

The Pleasant Picnic Glade Within the Canyon.
However, although the abyss with the Canyon's threshold and hidden abyss is close, the open and inviting glade within the Canyon is an excellent place for recreation. Albeit, due to the near contact with the abyss prevails a crucial due care; therefore, choosing a more eastern curved commitment from point (36) of the route towards Bees' Cliff (14). This precaution should be preferred for safety and to avoid suddenly scaring wildlife at the outer rim of the high plateau. There are harmonic currents along the river with exceptions for the torrential stream during the rainy seasons. Since all streams around Entoto run up within a short distance to the highest part of the plateau, there is no risk of being surprised by far and accumulated sudden river flow from an unknown range. There is no known weakness in the deep rock pools that could constitute a magazine water mass just waiting to break through a weak point in the cliff bottom.

However, be careful and expect the worst because the animals are wild. Caution prevails since what appears as the most reliable rock will break if lousy luck and a rare and significant earthquake coincide.


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