Spring Water with Bath

Spring Water with Bath

Natural Purging Spring Water Baths

These photos were shot on the dramatic ledge of the mountain's high table a month after the last rain. Hence, the flowing freshwater from the Highland brooks in these photos was not rainwater in its origin but instead chilled and underground fresh spring water. This phenomenon of freshwater creation is simply Highlands and mountains affected by gravity, naturally downloading the torrential deluges from the rainy seasons into the natural aquifers.

Warm Sunbathing but Cold Mornings

Characterized by frigid nights, the average temperature of the mountain Entoto's plateau is below comfortable bathing degrees with its average temperature of about 12 ° C. Thus, the result of these long and cold nights, in turn, determines the degree of cooling effect in the mentioned natural Highland pools. However, the mountain afternoon hike is usually hot, so any refreshing bath is enticing, fun, welcoming, and comfortable.

Direction Map to the Alluring Past

Cliff Pools Of the High Table's Brooks

While this place is unique in many ways, there are also careful reservations about the impact people can exert on its nature. Because this site contains what is desirable for people and wildlife, the result is that a conflict of interest and living space can occur. The path from point (36) is the last somewhat rugged and wild hike towards Bees'Cliff (14). The few prudent slight detours along the upper bank of the tributary creek (36) are for increased safety and to avoid suddenly scaring wildlife

A pleasant eastern route along the tributary gorge 36.
The wildlife often enjoys socializing around the beautiful pools above the plateau's threshold at the abyss of Bees' Cliff (14). Naturally, therefore, it is appreciated that visitors show interest by approaching the site carefully. However, since Bees' Cliff (14) and its abyss are close requires due care; therefore, it follows the recommendation to choose a more eastern path along the gorge (36). 

The Afternoon's Warm and Inviting Cliffs

Important and crucial here is to wait with the baths until the sun warmed up the surrounding rocks. Usually, this comfortable warmed rock degree occurs at about lunchtime and invites to the relaxing half hour or more extended warming sunbathing. These unforgettable and beautiful experiences of the well-formed meandering brooks and clean rocks above Bee's Cliff. But for those hilarious adventures, it would have been even more suitable if they had occurred a month earlier and thus offered even more engaging and spontaneous bath activities.

Photographs Of the Highland Brooks

These photos of water-filled streams and cascading waterfalls are all shot just above Bees' Cliff (14) at Entoto's southern Highland plateau - from early October to the beginning of November. At the time of all these active water sports photographs, it has passed about one to two months since the long rainy season ended. Despite the period given from these photo opportunities and the last rains being over a month, it is still a great asset of bath and fresh spring water flow on the higher ground of Entoto. 

Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the canyon but
assists by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Description of the Hiking Paths

The Paths To Bees' Cliff Natural Pools

The different ways to these natural pools just above Bees' Cliff (14) follow those previously described from point (37). Thus, there are several very different path choices just uphill from point (38) but also becomes enriched by a more thorough, independent acquaintance with the full south-eastern to north-western eroded soil road (41) located just above points (14 - 16).

The Arrival to the High Plateau (14) - (41- 42)
The high plateau is an evident and apparent contrast to the quite steep hiking up from the sculptural river banks at the sanctuary of  Entoto Kidane Mehret (32). Behind now is Bees' Cliff's adventurous and beautiful experience (14) and the adorable viewpoint (16).  However, since gentle downhill from (41 - 42), they are very near, with Bees' Cliff (14) just to the south and the charming view (16) now behind but in close walking contact located on the threshold below the southern outer rim of this high plateau.

Canyon hike towards the high plateau.

Initially, the path above the tributary creek (36) is quite rugged, and its location is within the map loop's (14) lower sectionThe course is somewhat steep but offers a relatively gentle than wild hike towards Bees' Cliff (14), and its direction uphill is along the northern hillside of the tributary gorge (36) - (14)Since the plateau's threshold is very close to the point (36) - (14), the walk upwards becomes less burdensome, especially since this route appears gentle and enticing along the upper bank of the creek (36) in a minor eastern detour before arriving on the high plateau. The hillside above the tributary creek (36) shown within the map loop (14) is the last choice of a hike from the canyon (B) - (35) - (14) to reach the high plateau (41) - (42) - see the map loop (14).

A High Plateau Trail from South-East to North-West.

However, this ground road (41) towards the rock pools of Bees' Cliff (14) is eroded and requires some maintenance before use by cautious, conventional tourist vehicles. However, its extent is suitable for reaching these nature pools at Bees' Cliff  (14).  Therefore, it's a beautiful road for a promenade to the rock baths or further brook passage to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34.

Unforgettable Spring Water Bath of the High Plateau

Observe, One Heavy Rain Season Every Year

There are two rainy seasons per year, the short rainy season from March to May and the significant rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew, 1988). This place may appear scary during the relatively long rainy season. The water flows are high and intertwined with rapidly sudden thunderstorms that only a powerful terrain vehicle would protect against.

Mornings Hours of Wonderful Respite

While this site offers an exhilarating beauty and the regularity that the storms usually follow a bound rhythm, its experience in beautiful, cosy daily hours can be both an exciting and irresistible occurrence, providing a conscious behaviour to return in time before the next thunderstorm.

The Importance Of Drinking Water

Water must be available all year round, but most brooks dry out sometime during the year, giving high importance to bringing drinking water in rugged bottles. However, there are a few springs within the Park area, providing water for all seasons.

Rain Season: There are two rainy seasons per year, the minor rains from March to May and the big rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew 1988).

Adventure History.
"Entoto's climate during the rainy season was moreover far from pleasant, for it suffered from many storms. A French traveller, Jules Borelli, states that it was a place of much lightning, thunder and fog, while his compatriot, Charles Michel, remarked that ''exposed to the wind, difficult to access, and without drinking water'' (Ibid, p.103).

A Great Wildlife View and Meandering River

The High Plateau's Brooks & Landscape
Natural Rock Pool above the Dramatic Abyss of Bees' Cliff (14)
The picture shows a natural pool at the first southern rim ledge of the high plateau. The scene is reminiscent of an invitingly wild and deep rock bath. The location of this bath is just a few steps above the hidden stone chamber, which forms the northern preamble to the abyss of Bees' Cliff (14).

The scene is reminiscent of invitingly wild rock baths in nearly shocking proximity to the breathtaking view above the canyon's abyss (14). The location of these baths is just a few steps above the hidden stone chamber, which forms the northern preamble to the abyss of Bees' Cliff.

This unique rock pool at the southern rim of the high plateau shows the oddly cosy and rather deep-cut bath just a few steps above the hidden mountain vault above Bees' Cliff (14) and its abyss. On this occasion of this photo, it has just over a month since any rainfall and the rainy season.

Harmonic Currents Along the River
**Caution During Rainy Seasons

Since all streams around Entoto run up within a short distance to the highest part of the plateau, there is no risk of being surprised by far and accumulated sudden river flow from an unknown range. There is no known weakness in the deep rock pools that could constitute a magazine water mass just waiting to break through a weak point in the cliff bottom. However, no person should walk on the riverbanks of the ravines in the aftermath of heavy rain, as this poses an immediate danger to life. A mistake towards the slippery ground can be fatal despite the apparent alert about the fast water flow. This torrential force along the river banks can quickly take a person or their pet beyond rescue in a relentless power of a rushing water flow.

Adventures Among Secret Waterways

The Fortress (38) Requires Caution Towards the Canyon,
 by the Assisting Map Loop (B). The Loop (14)
Surrounding the Gentle and Fascinating P
 36 and 41-42, close to the Abyss & Waterfall.

The Routes To the High Plateau

An Invitation to the Grande Adventures

Picnics With the Panoramic Site above the Landscape.

Thus, the absolute proximity to clean flowing water is often a factor for the excellent amusement adventure well stimulated by the landscape's high drama at this charmingly secluded mountain site (38) - (B). Hence, this forgotten cliff ruin appears as a charming invitation and an adventure where spectators in thrilling expectation and pleasure become seduced by embracing the mountain's high thresholds. However, due care is essential, and prudent distance is required while walking at this potentially dangerous and dizzying precipice.

The Path to the Ruin Fortress and Waterfall.
This dramatic cliff passage (38) - (B) is the deviating and captivating cliff path to this concealed and lofty site with its characters of high drama in a cosy entertaining atmosphere. Thus, this forgotten cliff ruin appears as a charming invitation and an adventure where spectators in thrilling expectation and pleasure become seduced by the embracing might of the mountain's high thresholds. CAUTION: Further Information

Saving the Environment and Knowledge
with the Lost Knowledge from Antiquity

Although this Italian ruin was built in today's decaying concrete, the renovation of this mountain fortress (38) - (B) can stimulate an excellent foundation for a historical discovery of the lost recipe for Roman concrete. This potential rediscovery of ancient concrete with this lost high technology and historical treasure from antiquity would then offer a scientific study of Roman technology within an educational project. Although this historical concrete's millennia-old secrets still prevail as a crucial investigation of international laboratories, its deepest secrets persist. Therefore this research attracts many scientists to unlock forgotten knowledge about this ancient high technology's excellent properties to maintain immense strength over aeons in harsh conditions and flowing water. Thus, significant positive environmental factors could be obtained because Roman concrete maintained and increased its core strength through the millennia, unlike modern concrete.

The Classical Ideas for Adventure Baths

Reservoir Views Using Lost Knowledge

The plateau just above Bees' Cliff (14) is a magnificently beautiful place with a great panorama view over the stream and many characters in the landscape. When the scene turns south, the abyss Bees' Cliff (14), the ravine, is very close, where the river's further gorge meandering (35) becomes intuitively felt through the profound cooling airflow rising from the unknown abyss below the field of view.


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