The High Plateau's Brooks and Pools

 Nature Pools at the Plateau Above Bees' Cliff

14. A Great Wildlife View and Meandering streams.

Above Bees' Cliff, this plateau is a magnificently beautiful place with a great panorama view over the stream and many landscape characters. When the scene turns south, the abyss Bees' Cliff (14), the ravine, is very close, where the river's further gorge meandering (35) becomes intuitively felt through the profound cooling airflow rising from the unknown abyss below the field of view.

Among the Playful Hay of the Ravens

Detailed Description of the Hiking Trails
Caution since, with the assistance of dramatic beauty, this place (14) allures a thrilling approach to the presence of its surprising disappearance into the adorable beauty, well hiding a shocking void. The landscape entices here with its lush greenery and treacherous sloping abyss where Ravens hays with pleasant arts of flights and jacket pinching mischief. However, this dramatic landscape is the reason for the attraction of the place where this canyon and chasm create ideal habitats for wildlife. 

Close Encounter With Playing Baboon Families.
While this Ancient rock chasm (14) is unique in many ways, there are also careful reservations about people's impact on its nature. Because this site contains what is desirable for people and wildlife, the result is that a conflict of interest and living space can occur. The wilderness utilizes this rich, three-dimensional diversity in water and rock formations through the natural health of the varying and dramatic scenery. 

The Complex Culture among the Wildlife.

This is mainly the case of baboons with playful kids, caring mothers, and dominant guarding males. These are advanced creatures that resemble humans in many ways, especially in their emotional behaviour. This is clearly observed when wild baboons are successfully breeding guard dogs and cats for an unknown reason. Still, hungry baboon families may need to appreciate the rat's appetite more intuitively. Naturally, therefore, it is appreciated that visitors show interest by approaching the site carefully.

Enchanting landscape & the High Plateau's Spring-Water.

 14. Lush Attractions Above the Abyss
Natural Rock Pools Above Bees' Cliff (14).

The different choice of ways to these natural pools just above Bees' Cliff (14) follows those previously described from point (37), map square [A]. Thus, there are several very different path choices just uphill from map circle (B) but also becomes enriched by a more thorough, independent acquaintance with the full south-eastern to north-western eroded soil road (41) located to the right of points (14 - 16).

41.  A Wide Trail from South-East to North-West.
However, this ground road (41) towards Bees' Cliff pools is eroded and requires some maintenance before use by cautious, conventional tourist vehicles. However, its extent is suitable for reaching these nature pools at Bees' Cliff (14). It is, therefore, a beautiful way for a promenade to the rock ponds (14) or further brook wade to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34.

Natural Rock Pools and the Dramatic Abyss of Bees' Cliff.

The pictures' location with the spring water and natural pools is at the southern rim ledge of the high plateau, between points (14) and (41- 42). The scene is reminiscent of invitingly wild rock baths in absolute proximity to the breathtaking view above the canyon (35). These baths' location is just a few steps above the hidden stone chamber, which forms the gate to the waterfall and the northern preamble to Bees' Cliff's abyss (14). Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the canyon but is assisted by the wide map loop surrounding the
gentle and fascinating points 36 and 41-42

The High Plateau of Entoto Natural Park.

The landscape to the north is very moderate and reveals very soon; the beautiful path (42)(14) to Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) 34, where extensive work has elapsed with nature restoration for many years. This excursion to the Nursery is a pleasant wandering with a minimum change in altitude, where it usually permits dry rock to wade over to the west side of the meandering stream. This direction passes just a little above the natural pools of  Bees' Cliff (14) and then further north through an open forest before arriving at the Nursery (34).

A Turmoil of Chaos in Waterfall and Thunder.
However, the plateau location is above any instant protection by the community's taxis, bus stations and shops from the quaint ledge town (1) and Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32). Due to this harsh reality, some reservations are required when this high plateau is appropriate for visits and when the site needs extra caution.

19. The Cautious Choice for Families.

An excellent and cosy invitation to gain an initial practical view of these water harbouring technologies and a comfortable little walk is obtained just to the right of the bridge, shown within the map square [A] at Entoto Kidane Mehret (1). This place also offers an ideal little excursion for the young family on picnics or seeking sporty games. An open grass pitch here provides a breathtaking place just beneath the start of the mountain and an embracing enclosure of a sculptural curved river. However, the picture above does not show the Italian (19) construction at the site, which is nevertheless hidden here underground but at the same time alluring for exploration.

Spring Water with Bath.
Observe, One Heavy Rain Season Every Year.
There are two rainy seasons per year, the short rainy season from March to May and the significant rains from July to September. The highest rainfall intensity occurs in July and August (Demissew, 1988).
This place may appear scary during the relatively long rainy season. The water flows are high and intertwined with rapidly sudden thunderstorms that only a powerful terrain vehicle would provide protection against.

Some Mornings Hours of Wonderful Respite. 
While this site offers an exhilarating beauty and the storms usually follow a bound rhythm, its experience in beautiful, cosy daily hours can be both an exciting and irresistible occurrence. Still, it provides a conscious behaviour to return in time before the next thunderstorm.

** [CAUTION]:  Bees' Cliff (14)

Although this remarkable rock vault and bath is the most entertaining of wild places 

It's a fatal place during rainy seasons without any possibility of a positive outcome

**[CAUTION]: Abyss, Bees' Cliff (14)

The photograph with the Waterfall and bath

The picture with the waterfall: The outlet for Bees Cliff's actual waterfall (14) and its abyss is just some metres behind but still concealed by this opposite camera view of the smaller and cosy waterfall in the photo. However, the little bath and waterfall in the image is a concealed rock vault, and its location is high above the abyss. 

The Dramatic Rock Chamber and Cliff-Hanger Chasm.

The last photo shows a deep pool a few steps above the hidden vault of Bees' Cliff (14). The bath with the waterfall is a staggering, inviting, and mysteriously hidden place. However, people with sensitivity to heights should only climb into this mountain vault if they are double-secured with harnesses and other equipment.

Picnics and Spring-Water Baths

Caution & Adventure History

"Entoto's climate during the rainy season was moreover far from pleasant, for it suffered from many storms. A French traveller, Jules Borelli, states that it was a place of much lightning, thunder and fog, while his compatriot, Charles Michel, remarked that ''exposed to the wind, difficult to access, and without drinking water'' (Ibid, p.103). (HΓ₯kan Blanck and Pia Englund, Entoto Natural Park 1995).

A Time of Fragrance, Harmony and Beauty.

At the end of the rainy season in September - October, the high plateau becomes a deep attraction where streams and waterfalls stabilize. A gentle, romantic flow of ideal conditions becomes evident in October- November:

The Cautious Choice for Families

Entoto Kidane Mehret's [1] inhabitants bring their household water from this source. Therefore the company is apparent by playing with children and people fetching quantities of water to their homes. Therefore, during the rainy season, it is, consequently s appropriate to enjoy the beautifully undulated promenade to the site of the Italian-built spring water facility (19).

Entoto Kidane Mehret

Entoto Kidane Mehret [1]

Community (1), Sanctuary (32), Sacred Water (31) and Indigenous Forest (30)

The reasons for this surprisingly intense feeling of well-being and harmony are certainly the well-tuned architecture which charmingly appears embedded due to the courtyard's mighty arboretum of native and stately Juniper trees. Unreachable by the aeons of a forgotten time; still, these ancient trees' green foliage proudly rises from furrowed pillars to a mighty hall of cosy tranquillity. (Photo to the right by Narnia)



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