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50% of the price of this picture will go to the Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK).

If you are interested in buying any of these works or would just like more information, please email us at or phone us on 0300 365 1417.

Returns will be accepted without question within two weeks with a full refund of the purchase price.

All paintings and drawings are for sale mounted (except where it says otherwise).

Mounts are included in the purchase price.


Over 450 plants, more than 30 mammals and 16 birds are unique to Ethiopia.

All flora and fauna in the painting are from these endemics.

Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK)

The total amount you donate will be used in Ethiopia.
The Trust is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs for Gift Aid.

Ethiopian Heritage Trust (UK)

A not-for-profit charity supporting the Ethiopian Heritage Trust in Addis Ababa

The goal is to cover the Park with indigenous trees and bring back the native flowers and shrubs, birds and mammals which used to abound in the area.

Over 600,000 indigenous trees have been planted.

To control water flow and prevent erosion 200 kilometres of terracing and 15 kilometres of check dams have been built.

As a result, 13 springs have developed.

115 species of bird have been recorded, including 5 of Ethiopia’s endemic species.

With the growing maturity of the trees native shrubs and herbaceous plants can be seen, such as bulleia polystachya, bidens pachyloma, and geranium arabicum.

The number of indigenous tree seedlings planted in the Park over the last 3 years has been:

2018    8,000

2019  25,000

2020    9,400
(Covid 19 caused considerable problems for the tree planting operation in 2020.)

This momentum has to be maintained to complete the long-term vision of a green haven; at least a further 10 years of effort will be required.


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Please Note that Entoto Park Fine Art Gallery and
Entoto Art Gallery has two Different Addresses.

Entoto Art Gallery 
Africa Avenue, Abyssinia Real Estate Building
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday 07:00am - 09:30pm 
For more info: +251-116157871


Useful trees and shrubs for Ethiopia:

Identification, Propagation and

 Management for 17 Agroclimatic Zones

Azene Bekele-Tesemma

Edited by
Bo TengnΓ€s, Ensermu Kelbesa, Sebsibe Demissew and Patrick Maundu

The contents of this handbook may be reproduced without special permission. However, acknowledgement of the source is requested. The photographers and artists concerned must be contacted for the reproduction of illustrations. The views expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of World Agroforestry Centre.


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