** Caution - Enchanting Forest

40. ** Caution - Enchanting Forest

This forest, however, is somewhat enchanting, and as the paths end beyond its boundary, this can cause great difficulty for orientation.

Evasive but impressive hyenas

Besides, since muscular but elusive hyenas hide under the long shadows of the trees, the overall impression of this forest can be perceived as scary and entirely not harmless, and this to sensitive people with reduced health and mobility.

The Secure Way Back for Lost and Worried people

To find out from this enchanting and beautiful original forest (40), a lost person only ought to follow its very apparent slope down the east of the valley and thus in short contact with the open environment and clear paths that quickly show where you are in the relationship with the rest of the Park. In addition, point (19) and further the valley [A] of Entoto Kidane Mehret (32) are very close and reached quickly.

16. Deep shadows deliver adventures beyond knowledge

The Wild Foret of the Ancient
For those who want a more profound, Juniper forest is a near 50 years old forest of wild and original Juniperus procera trees  (40) just close but still hidden behind and in the eastern slope. This native forest provides a unique insight into how nature emerged before the Eucalyptus trees were introduced from Australia over 100 years ago.

40.  The Wild and Fertile Forest from the Ancient Era.
This original forest is captivatingly wild and consists of these more than 50 years old indigenous Juniperus procera trees that provide a unique contact to nature with somewhat fantastic primaeval lushness and a great surprise beyond what a visitor would usually expect in such proximity to the Capital. This native Juniper woodland (40) is massive in its appearance and stunning in vitality, with a perfect, lush and dense undergrowth.


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