Heroes' Ideal for the Future

Heroes' Ideal for the Future

This image gives testimony of the seriousness of Gideon Force when they fought to liberate Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia). Outside this picture but crucial to the whole was Colonel Orde Wingate's Israeli adviser Abraham Akavia and the unforgettable explorer and author, Sir Wilfred Thesiger who together created a decisive force to defeat Mussolini's colonial army.

Contemporary History

The organization Entoto Natural Park was originally formed in 1995 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with the then office situated inside the British consulate, right next to the central area of Piazza - then by many considered as the most active and graceful flexible inviting district in the capital.

The name Entoto Natural Park was proposed by the then British Consul, Michael Sargent who was also the vitality of authority in the becoming of Ethiopia Heritage Trust.

While the British consulate in those years was the cultural and intellectual metropolis in Addis Ababa, created the foundation for the Entoto Natural Park, together with the irreplaceable contribution of the very hard-working employees. All these devoted individuals together conscientiously and with empathy created something extraordinary beautiful in this challenging available mountainous area where the Highland spreads and forms Entoto Natural Park.

 The British Consulate in Addis Ababa, together with SIDA funded with practical guidance of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences initial work of Entoto Natural Park, which later was accompanied by many additional contributing dedicated efforts of individuals and organizations.

Cultural Heritage and Wildlife Sanctuary

Entoto Natural Park calls for dignified responsibility within its traditionally preserved sanctuary to the most conscientiously support and protect this unique natural protectorate with its associated unique historical areas, buildings, archaeological sites and the peculiar dignity and seductive patina furrowed prehistoric megaliths.

These massive stone statues give references to a past Ice Age heritage where man and monoliths appear to have been pulled out of the quaking rock’s roots, so weathered by large erosive forces to finally beyond aeons be appreciated as large ancient monuments.

Like Egypt and the Sphinx is their real genesis and origins of these monuments often remain unknown but the patina and deeply shaded furrows claims about age beyond recorded history. Residents highly value These megaliths and palace, and a high priority should, therefore, follow to assist the population to preserve and protect these historic treasures and Ice Age sculptures from a bygone era.


Entoto Natural Park's goal and vision to create a stable organization with the predominant purpose of initiating the foundation for the care of children, women, and nature, and as required, this also outside the Entoto Natural Park and its defined areas.

Accompanying this first vision is regarded as most important that the children be offered the original genetically based stimulus for of health care and intellectual development, education, and also that the women can find the quality of life in the noblest of work pride with nature conservation and tourism.  

Entoto Natural Park (Nursery)

Depending on people's health, children's school year and future generations and education in science, it is of tremendous importance to preserve and that henceforth protect the building Entoto Natural Park (Nursery) and to develop its work further to include additional areas with restoration of nature in the fresh, fragrant highland traditionally propagated around Entoto Natural Park.

 This building has during these years of extensive nature conservation activities have been very significant, and the work had not been possible without its existence.

Many have spent many years in this sprawling and often inaccessible area, and great respect and responsibility included, therefore attempt to restore the human dignity and health as representatives of the most formidable environmental conservation.


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