Human Civilization and Culture for Nature

            Human Civilization and Culture for Nature

  • The evolution of civilization in different cultures and parts of the world indicates a strong connection between in-depth knowledge in biology and the specific culture's potential for development. Without a doubt, a healthy relationship is seen with this rule, even in other sciences, but it is particularly evident in biology, as this is so close to human health and well-being. 
  • This focus on Entoto Natural Park with the orientation of native trees and plants reflects the intentions of this context and helps most appropriately both nature and man to develop together in a mutually reinforced relationship that resembles a type of symbiosis.
  •  In cases where this symbiosis is successful, there is a strong connection between knowledge and respect for nature values. However, it is the man who makes the most significant profit of elevated living standards and economics, while nature follows a subordinate role that is only favoured in a longer perspective of the implications of human knowledge. 
  • It is, therefore, the hope that Entoto Natural Park will benefit the will of education and the desire of a future in prosperity, while nature automatically receives the development of civilization by contributing to improved climate and a remarkably increased yield of crops as well as greatly enhanced freshwater reservoirs.


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