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16.  A Great Plateau Ledge for View and Activities.
Arriving at the high viewpoint (16) is very convenient, as the substantial rise upwards offers some beautiful and exciting rests with magnificent scenery and historical surprises with old Italian fortifications (38) and trees of a surprising dignified furrowed patina.

An Ideal Place for the Well-Equipped Family.
This location (16), provides pleasant resting places for picnics in pleasant tranquillity and contemplation about the unique nature, which is facilitated easily by the high point of view, even over the mist-veiled Capital far below the southern slopes. Much closer to the farmhouse is reminded and not far below even the chanting walls of Entoto Kidane Mehret Church (32).

There is no thorough survey of the wildlife in the area. Animals that have been spotted during field trips include a small antelope (Guenter's Dikdik?) and monkeys (Vervet ?). Hyenas (in a fairly significant number), mole rats and civet cats were indicated by droppings, holes or scents, and in the past, wild cats and even maybe leopards have been seen.

Although the Eucalyptus tree offers a very poor habitat for birds, at least 16 species have been spotted, mainly along the brooks and in the open areas.

Bees' Cliff 14 requires caution in the canyon but
assists by the wide map loop surrounding the
 gentle and fascinating 
points 36 and 41-42
Description of the Hiking Paths

14. Among the Playful Hay of the Ravens.
Thus, with the assistance of dramatic beauty, attracts this place to a thrilling approach into its surprising disappearance void, where enticing greenery of the treacherous sloping abyss lures Ravens to pleasant arts of flights and jacket pinching mischiefs. However, this is overall the reason for the attraction of the place where through varying and dramatic scenery drama creates ideal habitats for wildlife that naturally utilises this rich, three-dimensional diversity in water and rock formations.

Close Encounter With Playing Baboon Families.
While this place is unique in many ways, there are also certain reservations about the impact people can exert on its nature. Because this site contains not only what is desirable for people but also for wildlife, the result is that a conflict of interest and living space can occur.

Naturally, therefore, it is appreciated that visitors
 show interest by approaching the site carefully.

The Complex Culture among the Wildlife

In this place, this is mainly the case of baboons with playful kids, caring mothers and dominant guarding males. These are advanced creatures that resemble humans in many ways and then, especially in their emotional behaviour. Very clearly this is observed when wild baboons are breeding guard dogs successfully, but also cats for an unknown reason, but the rat's appetite may not be appreciated intuitively by hungry baboon families.

Wildlife with Beauty and Curiosity

Absolute Caution with Injuries and Liquor.

Since the relationship between humans and Hyenas is ancient, a type of mutual peace has evolved. On the other hand, Hyenas have been seen as highly interested in sick or heavily intoxicated people, just regarding this as something different from humans and therefore not included in the ancient consensus of mutual respect.

Hyena:  Warning of Fatal Accidents in the Wilderness.
It would, therefore, be possible for a person who slips and lies demobilized, hidden and injured in the shady creek bed, may, at last, after a few days, attract Hyenas to become directly fatal. They can indeed become mighty animals and then, especially the females.


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